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Stents And Surgery Versus Lifestyle: What Are the Most Effective Treatment Methods for Coronary Heart Disease?

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As the leading cause of death in the United States, heart disease prompts over 630,000 fatalities every year. Unfortunately, many of the interventions we currently rely on to mitigate the impact of this deadly condition don’t work nearly as well as promised. In fact, results from a recently released study suggest that lifestyle factors can play a far greater role in treatment than medical interventions such as stents and bypass surgery.

Stents And Heart Disease: What the Latest Research Says

Presented during the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions conference, a notable NYU Grossman School of Medicine and Stanford University study recently highlighted the limited benefits of interventions that the medical community previously considered vital.

While the study revealed that stents cut down on chest pain and other symptoms to improve general quality of life, it also showed their limitations. Specifically, stents do not prove more beneficial than lifestyle changes in reducing heart attack rates.

The Takeaway: The Need for a Great Emphasis on Lifestyle Factors

Given the clear limitations of stents and similar interventions, the need for a healthy lifestyle is more apparent than ever. It’s by no means easy for those suffering from heart disease to pursue dietary changes or get more exercise, but these efforts could make all the difference.

Stents will continue to play an important role in heart disease treatment, but they alone cannot be relied upon to cut mortality rates. A comprehensive approach is essential — and by failing to emphasize this difficult reality, the medical community is doing current heart disease patients a real disservice.

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