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Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Minor Motorcycle Accident?

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Many motorcycle accident victims want to put the incident behind them as quickly as possible. Getting on with life after a motorcycle accident, even a minor one, is appealing, but many motorcycle accidents aren’t left behind so easily.

You may not know right away the severity of your injuries, property damage, and lost income. Even a minor accident can leave you with more medical costs than you can pay and more pain than you expected. Legal statutes of limitation dictate how long you have to file a personal injury claim after an accident and a motorcycle accident lawyer will help you review your case and determine what steps you should take to claim the appropriate compensation you deserve.

Regan Zambri Long’s motorcycle accident attorneys have decades of experience pursuing these claims in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Even if you think your motorcycle accident case doesn’t warrant legal action, we will meet with you for a free case evaluation so that you are fully aware of your legal rights.

Motorcycle Accidents in Metro Areas

motorcycle helmet lying on road after accidentIn 2020, more than 8 million motorcycles were registered in the U.S., according to the Insurance Information Institute. Of those registered motorcycles, 83,000 were injured in accidents. Motorcycles are everywhere on the roads, and other motorists have a responsibility to pay attention and drive safely to help prevent motorcycle accidents.

In busy cities and metro areas, including Washington, DC, and parts of Virginia and Maryland, motorcyclists may be more prolific and also harder to notice amid the rest of the city traffic. This may also mean that accidents are more frequent or more likely.

The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by one driver’s negligence. This could be not looking before making a left turn, speeding, improper lane changes, or distracted driving. Additionally, poorly maintained roads or debris on the road can be hazardous for motorcyclists and lead to an accident.

Should I Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

If you or a loved one are a victim of a motorcycle accident, whether you consider it minor or serious, you should consult with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. Knowing the options available to you and the steps you may need to take is important, even if you aren’t ready to commit to legal action right away.

In Maryland and Washington, DC, you have three years to file a personal injury claim for your motorcycle accident. In Virginia, you have two years. While this may seem like plenty of time to get the ball rolling, if necessary, you still want to start sooner rather than later. Your motorcycle accident attorney will need to investigate the accident and collect the facts, you will need to document any medical bills and expenses, and you will need to allow time to reveal the extent of your injuries and damages. The sooner you start, the easier this information collection and documentation will be.

If you are not ready to commit to legal action right away, it is still helpful to get a case evaluation and learn what your next steps would be. Taking the time to meet with potential attorneys and choose who you might want to work with ahead of time will make it easier if you decide to seek compensation in a few months.

Regan Zambri Long: Your Best Choice for Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

PartnerSal Zambri seated at deskAt Regan Zambri Long, we know that even seemingly minor motorcycle accidents can end up being a big deal. Between property damage, medical bills, and emotional trauma, motorcycle crash victims have a long road to regain the normalcy they had before the accident. We are committed to helping you pursue full recovery by winning you the financial compensation and the justice you deserve.

Our legal team has more than a century of combined legal experience that we will bring to bear on your case. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for injured victims, and we are committed to recovering the maximum compensation available to you.

Our small firm is consistently recognized by press and peers alike as being top-tier lawyers, with individual lawyers also receiving recognition for their outstanding expertise. The testimonials of our satisfied clients attest to the compassion and commitment of our team.

You can rest assured that when you put your case in our hands, the motorcycle accident lawyers at Regan Zambri Long will fight to obtain compensation on your behalf, whatever it takes.
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Frequently Asked Motorcycle Accident Questions

Q: How do I know if my personal injury claim is serious enough for a lawyer?

woman injure with bandaged arm signing insurance papersEvaluating your damages and injuries after a motorcycle accident can be difficult. It often takes time for the full extent of your injuries to manifest and property damage to your motorcycle may not be immediately evident, either.

The statute of limitations for Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland give you some time to identify the extent of your damages and injuries, which is the first step toward assigning a value to your compensation claim.

When you hire Regan Zambri Long to represent you after a motorcycle accident, we will pursue your claim without taking any payment until we’ve recovered compensation on your behalf. With a free case evaluation, we’ll help you understand your legal rights and what next steps you should take.

If you or a loved one have been injured after a motorcycle accident, it is serious enough to involve a lawyer. Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer holds the other driver accountable for his or her negligence and also protects your rights. The legal team at Regan Zambri Long knows that the financial compensation we pursue for you is just the beginning of your recovery process.

Q: Who is at fault for most motorcycle accidents?

Contrary to common biases and beliefs, motorcycle riders are not at fault for the majority of multi-vehicle motorcycle accidents. The majority of multi-vehicle accidents involving motorcycles are caused by the other driver violating a motorcycle’s right-of-way.

This means that, if you were involved in a motorcycle accident with another vehicle, you should consult with a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible to evaluate your case and discuss the next steps for seeking compensation.

Q: Isn’t hiring a lawyer expensive?

Many accident victims worry about taking legal action because they are afraid that, on top of medical costs and property damage expenses, they will be stuck with hefty legal fees. Different law firms handle payment in different ways, and it is true that some firms will require upfront fees or payment regardless of the outcome.

But other firms, including Regan Zambri Long, prefer to work on a contingency fee basis. This means that, when you hire Regan Zambri Long to represent you, we cover the upfront expenses and don’t collect payment until we’ve won the compensation you deserve. If we don’t make a settlement or win a verdict in your favor, we waive your legal fees.

You should always ask a law firm or attorney about their fees and payment expectations before making a hiring decision. Choosing a payment option that works best for you is one of the first steps in narrowing the field of potential personal injury lawyers.

Q: Won’t my insurance company handle my accident claim?

Motorcyclist Facing MotorcycleYou may be thinking that filing an insurance claim for a seemingly minor motorcycle accident is enough to cover you. Washington, DC, follows no-fault policies, meaning that after an accident you file a claim with your own insurance company, regardless of who was at fault.

Virginia and Maryland follow at-fault policies, meaning that you file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company after an accident.

It can be tempting to allow insurance companies to settle compensation for you, especially for a minor accident, but the unfortunate reality is that often insurance companies are more concerned with minimizing payouts than offering fair compensation.

This doesn’t mean that any and every settlement offer will be unfair, but partnering with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will help you make that determination. Your lawyer will know whether an offer is fair.

Q: I don’t plan to sue anyone, do I still need a lawyer?

Suing the liable party after a motorcycle accident is one of your legal rights, even if you choose not to pursue it. And even if you don’t plan to sue the liable party, it is still in your best interest to get legal advice before making any decisions. You may find, as you pursue compensation, that the liable party and/or the insurance company is being stingy with the compensation offer and that suing is your best course of action.

Even if you do not sue, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you determine a fair value for your case and help you evaluate any settlement offer the insurance company makes.

Q: When should I consult with an accident lawyer?

Best Lawyers 2022The best time to consult with a personal injury lawyer is as soon as possible after a motorcycle crash. The facts of the case will still be fresh in your mind and investigating and collecting evidence to back up your claim may be easier as well.

Remember that a consultation is just the first step in your claim. In some cases, your motorcycle accident lawyer will wait to file any paperwork until the extent of your injuries is known and/or you have reached a point of maximum recovery. This allows your lawyer to better establish the value of your case, as most of your medical bills have already come in and your doctor can provide an understanding of what continued or long-term treatment and care will look like.

Consulting with a motorcycle accident lawyer at Regan Zambri Long doesn’t commit you to take any legal action. We offer a free case evaluation without obligation so that you fully understand your legal rights and the compensation you are owed before making any decisions.

Q: Why is Regan Zambri Long my best choice for a motorcycle accident lawyer?

Personal injury law firms and lawyers are abundant, but choosing who represents you is a very personal choice. Your legal team will be responsible for pursuing your best interests, sometimes making decisions on your behalf without being able to consult you first. Having a motorcycle accident lawyer you can trust is crucial to your claim.

Regan Zambri Long has a track record of successful settlements and verdicts for motorcycle accident victims. Whether your claim is against another individual driver, a corporation, a government or road maintenance body, or against several parties, Regan Zambri Long will pursue the maximum compensation you deserve with everything we have.

Our partners are regularly named to Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers’ Washington, DC, Metro list. Regan Zambri Long as a firm is also recognized as a tier 1 law firm in several practice areas, as well. Among the many choices you have for legal representation, Regan Zambri Long is a firm you can trust. We handle every client with compassion and commitment. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and begin your journey to justice.

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