ClickCease What Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injuries?

What Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injuries?

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Personal Injury in Washington, DC

A personal injury lawsuit is defined less by the specific type of injury and more by the negligence that caused it. Nearly any kind of accident can warrant a personal injury case when it is caused by someone else’s carelessness. And when that happens, you want an experienced personal injury lawyer on your team to help you pursue fair financial compensation.

Types of Personal Injuries

Personal injury is a very broad field with some kinds of personal injury cases more common than others. Claims can also overlap, with multiple responsible parties and different negligent behaviors. Some of the most common personal injury cases include:

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are extremely prevalent on today’s busy roads—data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that the 35,766 fatal vehicle crashes in 2020 caused 38,824 deaths. Car accidents can cause injuries ranging from minor to catastrophic, depending on the situation.

Truck Accidents

When an accident involves a truck, it is more likely to be catastrophic. All drivers have a responsibility to drive safely, but truck drivers especially must be fully aware of their surroundings. With less braking capacity, heavier loads, and larger bulk, truck drivers must watch for signs of danger and respond immediately to avoid causing accidents.

Other Vehicle Accidents

Boat malfunctions, operator distractions, and reckless behavior and are other types of personal injuries and all lead to thousands of boating accidents and personal injury claims each year.

Motorcycle, ATV, and snowmobile injuries from accidents also often warrant personal injury claims.

Medical Malpractice

Most medical providers do their best to treat patients properly, but negligence still occurs. If you are prescribed the wrong medication, if your medical professional fails to diagnose or treat your condition, or if they commit anesthetic or surgical errors, you likely have a medical malpractice claim and should consult a personal injury attorney immediately.

Victor LongDangerous or Defective Products

When a product malfunctions or is unsafe from the start, it can cause serious injuries or even death. Designers and manufacturers are responsible for creating products that work safely in the way they were designed. If you have been injured by a product that is dangerous and/or defective, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

Vehicle parts, technical equipment, and even children’s toys can be serious product liability claims and victims should aggressively pursue legal action.

Slip and Fall Accidents

It can be easy to shrug off a slip or fall by claiming clumsiness, but in reality, some of these situations are the result of negligence by a property owner or a business. If the location is not safe, the owner or operator should be held accountable for the injury.

Wet or dirty surfaces, uneven walkways, obstructions including cables, cords, hoses, and stairs or raised platforms without railings can all lead to slip and fall accidents that are personal injury cases.

Workers’ Compensation

Although workers’ compensation is a kind of insurance nearly all employers are required to carry on behalf of their employees, it is common for an injured worker to need a personal injury lawyer to help pursue monetary compensation.

The process can be drawn out and confusing at times, especially if a company or its insurer is trying to avoid compensating for workplace injuries. An experienced attorney can review your compensation claim or denial and help you seek compensation.

Other Accidents

Not all injuries qualify for a personal injury claim, but when someone else’s negligence is a factor a personal injury attorney will help you pursue maximum compensation. Other common negligent accidents include:

In any personal injury claim, you must prove negligence: that the liable party had a duty of care, that a breach of duty occurred, the breach directly caused the accident or injury, and that you are the injured party. If you believe negligence caused your accident, you should contact Regan Zambri Long for a free consultation.

Wrongful Death Claims

patrick reganThe harm someone else’s negligence can cause does not stop at catastrophic injury and major property damage. Unfortunately, sometimes negligence causes wrongful death claims. It is impossible to assign a monetary value to a person’s life, but you are entitled to compensation to help you cope with the expenses that will arise from the sudden loss of your loved one.

The legal team at Regan Zambri Long will handle your case with compassion, doing our best to shoulder the bulk of the legal responsibilities so that you and your family can grieve. We know nothing can replace your lost loved one, but the liable party should be held responsible for his or her negligence, and we are committed to justice on your behalf.

Catastrophic Personal Injuries

Although there isn’t an exhaustive list of injuries that classify as personal injury cases, many serious injuries can result from various kinds of accidents and warrant compensation. Catastrophic injuries are injuries that you can never fully recover from or that have permanent impacts on your life. These can include:

Let Regan Zambri Long Handle Your Personal Injury Case

The attorneys at Regan Zambri Long have been practicing law for decades. Cumulatively, we have over 100 years of experience Sal Zambripracticing law in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. We will bring everything we have to your personal injury case, fighting until you get the financial compensation you deserve.

When you determine that legal action is necessary after your personal injury, our legal professionals will be your partners for justice. We’ve recovered satisfactory results for all kinds of personal injuries and cases of negligence. Some of our most notable include:

Regan Zambri Long: Top Personal Injury Lawyers for All Types of Personal Injuries

Our attorneys are recognized by peers and press alike as top personal injury lawyers in our jurisdictions. Our satisfied clients speak to our professional determination and our personal compassion. Every case matters to us.

When we represent you, we pursue fair compensation to the fullest extent of the law and we carry the financial burden until we’ve made a recovery in your favor. Our contingency fee payment format means we don’t get paid unless you get compensated.

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