ClickCease Amazon Delivery Truck Injures DC Pedestrian
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Amazon Delivery Truck Injures DC Pedestrian

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Do You Know Who Delivers Your Amazon Packages?

The answer may surprise you.

During an interview with NBC 4 Washington, DC personal injury lawyer Patrick Regan explained that residents in the DC Metro area need to be aware that those driving Amazon delivery vans are not employees of the online shopping giant. “These people are not Amazon employees,” he said during the interview. “The person who comes to your door with your package says Amazon on the uniform. The truck says Prime and Amazon. But they’re not.”

Regan has handled dozens of delivery truck accident cases, including a recent case where a woman was seriously injured after being hit by an Amazon truck while she was using the crosswalk. According to eyewitness accounts, the Amazon van was making a left turn at the time of the accident but never saw the woman and hit her. She suffered multiple broken bones and was in the hospital for a couple of months after the accident.

Amazon Delivery Truck Service Providers

It was later discovered that the van that hit the woman was not from Amazon but from a third-party company known as a Delivery Service Partner. Amazon relies heavily on an extensive network of third-party delivery service partners to manage the last mile of delivery. This system, while efficient, introduces a layer of complexity regarding accountability when accidents or injuries occur during the delivery process.

According to Amazon, the company has invested over $8 billion in safety technology for its vehicles, leading to a decrease in the collision rate of 40 percent.

However, Regan stresses that Amazon’s DSP system can still confuse customers. “Amazon controls every aspect of it,” he said.

Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents

Iclose up of driver using phone while drivingf you were involved in a delivery van accident with Amazon, Regan stresses that you contact an experienced injury lawyer for your claim. “The use of third-party contractors can complicate liability issues in the event of personal injuries or accidents involving delivery vehicles,” he said. “I strongly advise that if you get into an accident with a delivery van, contact our offices, and we will help you with the claim.”

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