ClickCease What Should I Do in the Days Following a Truck Accident?

What Should I Do in the Days Following a Truck Accident?

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What Are the First Steps I Should Take in the Days Following a Truck Accident?

The immediate aftermath of a truck accident can seem just as stressful as the day the collision occurred. While there are certain steps you take at the scene of the accident, you may wonder what happens in the days following a truck accident. There are some things you should do in the days following a truck accident, including:

Not all truck accidents require a truck accident attorney; however, in the event your insurance company is uncooperative, you may need legal advice. By preserving as much evidence and gathering needed information, you will protect your legal rights and save yourself the option to file a formal suit against the trucking company or truck driver.

What Injuries Can Appear in the Days Following a Truck Accident?

Woman in Neck BraceNot all injuries are obvious at the accident scene. Instead, they can take days to appear. The following are common but serious injuries that you may experience after a truck collision.

Long-term Costs of Truck Accident Injuries Outside of Medical Treatment

Your injuries and the property damage you amassed are likely putting you in financial debt. But the long-term costs of an accident involving trucks can cost you more than a trip to the doctor’s office.

Other losses you may experience include:

Further, if a truck collision resulted in wrongful death, you and your family may experience the loss of a loved one and the financial contributions the victim had provided to the family. In the case of wrongful death, you can often recover compensation for funeral and burial costs as well as medical expenses.

Make sure you keep a record of any expenses caused by the accident. Your truck accident lawyer will use this record when estimating how much your claim is worth.

Don’t Speak to the Other Party’s Insurance Company

After a truck accident, you may receive a call from the at-fault party’s insurance company. The adjuster will try to get a statement from you to learn what happened and may offer a settlement.

You are not under any obligation to speak with the other party’s insurance company. However, if you do find yourself speaking with the other insurance company, keep your comments brief and do not agree to have your statements recorded. Stick only to factual statements about the accident, such as what date and time the accident occurred and where it happened. Do not elaborate on your injuries, just state that you were injured in the accident.

And whatever you do, do not sign anything or accept money without an experienced truck accident lawyer present.

What Can a Truck Injury Lawyer Do For You in the Days Following a Truck Accident?

While you may not have a lawyer with you at the accident scene, once you have established the attorney-client relationship, your attorney can begin investigating the accident to discover who is liable for your personal injury claim.

A truck accident is different than an accident with another passenger vehicle — many times, there could be multiple parties responsible for the accident. Soon after the trucking company learns about the accident, the trucking company will dispatch a quick response team to the accident scene to gather evidence. That’s why you need to contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to start the investigation.

Once your personal injury lawyer has gathered the evidence and consulted with accident experts, negotiations will then begin with the insurance companies. Your initial insurance claim may rely on the accident report and police report to establish liability. However, your attorney will be able to negotiate with the insurance adjuster to reach a fair settlement. If not, an attorney can provide you with legal help to seek additional compensation.

You may have more options than just your own insurance policy to recover damages. A truck accident lawyer may be able to help you seek coverage from:

To do so, a law firm may need to put through a personal injury lawsuit.

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