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What Should I Ask My Slip and Fall Lawyer?

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Following a slip and fall accident, you likely have a lot of questions like–who is going to help me secure compensation? While you may have been told you can work directly with the insurance company to seek a settlement, it may be in your best interest to seek legal advice from a slip and fall lawyer.

But what should you ask a slip and fall lawyer? Regan Zambri Long PLLC explains.

What Costs Am I Responsible for in a Slip and Fall Accident?

Most slip and fall lawyers work on a contingency fee basis which means you do not pay your attorney until a settlement or verdict is reached.

However, you may be responsible for filing fees and other court-related costs prior to the end of the case.

How Successful is Your Firm with Slip and Fall Cases?

Finding out how experienced a potential lawyer is with slip and fall cases will be critical to your success in negotiations or in theBest Lawyers in Washington DC courtroom. Ask what the law firm’s success rate is in slip and fall cases. This can be a good indicator of what they can do for you.

Many law firms highlight case verdicts and settlements, which can show you a portfolio of the magnitude of cases they handle. Further, knowing that the law firm is expert in establishing liability and negligence in slip and fall cases will be critical.

How Likely is My Claim to Succeed?

Proving negligence in a slip and fall case is complex which is why it can be difficult to determine how likely a slip and fall claim is to succeed.

While a lawyer won’t be able to say if you will win or lose a case, they can determine if you have a solid claim against the defendant.

Is an Out-of-Court Settlement Possible?

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, less than two percent of personal injury cases, including slip and fall cases, go to trial. With that being said, an out-of-court settlement is more than likely possible.

While it is more likely than not that a slip and fall case will be settled outside of court, there are benefits to taking a slip and fall case to trial which your attorney can explain.

How Much Will I Be Able to Receive in Compensation for My Slip and Fall Injuries?

There is no exact formula to calculate an amount, but there are ways to estimate how much you may be entitled to. A slip and fall attorney will fight to get you the amount you deserve. Additionally, your attorney can tell you what you can seek compensation for.

Common forms of damages to be recovered include:

Know that the more severe the injuries, the higher the value of the case may be.

How Can You Prove Negligence in a Slip and Fall Case?

Proving negligence in a slip and fall case is the most complex part. As a victim, you have a lot on your plate from recovering physically to figuring out how you’re going to cover the losses you sustained.

Being up front with an attorney on what evidence you have in a case will help them establish negligence for you. However, even if the evidence you have is lacking, they still may be able to prove negligence in your slip and fall case.

They do so by:

The experienced slip and fall attorney will have a variety of resources to pull from including investigators, medical experts and more.

Other Questions to Ask a Slip and Fall Attorney

While the above questions are a great baseline in establishing the attorney client relationship, you will also want to ask your slip and fall lawyer specific questions related to your case.

This may include questions on your contribution to fault, other at fault parties and more.

Can Regan Zambri Long Handle My Slip and Fall Case?

Slip and fall accidents can be complex, but the slip and fall attorneys at Regan Zambri Long PLLC can help. Our firm has secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients, and we want to do the same for you.

We handle cases on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t pay unless you recover compensation. For a free consultation and to ask questions to a slip and fall lawyer, call (202) 960-4596 or fill out our confidential online contact form.

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