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What Lawyer Deals with WMATA Accidents?

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Injured While Riding the Washington Metrorail or Bus?

There are two main ways of public transportation in Washington DC and its surrounding communities. The first is the Metrorail system, which sees an average of 626,000 riders on weekdays, making it the second busiest transit system in the United States. The Metrorail travels through 91 stations across Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. DC’s Metrorail is operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).

patrick reganThe second major mode of transportation is the Metrobus, also operated by the WMATA, which connects DC to the surrounding suburbs in Maryland and Virginia. It has over 300 bus routes and 12,000 bus stops. While both systems are great alternatives to DC traffic, they also present risks to the commuters. Riders have very little control over what happens on the Metro or the bus, so they are particularly vulnerable to WMATA accidents.

If you or your loved one sustained injuries in a Metrobus or Metrorail accident, the Regan Zambri Long metro accident lawyers can help you recover fair compensation. One of our founding lawyers, Patrick Regan, has handled over 75 metro accident cases. He and his team are legal experts in laws surrounding the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and are confident they can guide you through the claims process towards a favorable settlement. Regan Zambri Long offers a free consultation to metro accident victims where you will speak with a seasoned DC lawyer who will discuss your case and provide every legal option available.

Can I sue the government if I was injured in a WMATA accident?

Filing any personal injury claim can be a complicated and lengthy process. However, filing a claim against the United States Government is even more complex. The Washington Area Transit Authority was created by Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. This means that the Metrorail and the Metrobus are both government agencies and your lawsuit will depend on where your accident occurred.

One of the biggest hurdles in a metro accident case against the WMATA is the time limits the government sets on filing a claim. Since the state where the accident happened will determine your lawsuit, it is important to understand the statute of limitations for each jurisdiction:

Washington, DC

The metro accident victim has six months from the date of the injury to give notice to Washington,DC. The claim must be filed in the Office of Risk Management.


The accident victim must give the state of Maryland notice within one year from the date of the accident. If your claim is being made against a county or local government in Maryland, then you only have 180 days to give notice.


In Virginia, the metro accident victim has one year from the date of the injury to give notice of the claim.

Federal government

The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) makes it possible for a private citizen to sue the government, but the process requires an experienced attorney. There is a two-year statute of limitations to suing the federal government for a personal injury.

Filing a lawsuit against the U.S. government can be extremely intimidating, but a Regan Zambri Long metro attorney has the financial backing and the resources to take on your case. We prepare every claim as if it were going to trial. When you work with a Regan Zambri Long metro accident attorney, you will be working with a national trial lawyer who will be able to see your case through until the end.

What Are the Common Causes of Metro Accidents?

WMATA accidents Washington DC Metro System Transportation Underground SubwayThere can be several factors that cause metro accidents in the DC Metro Area. The one thing all the causes have in common is negligence. The negligence of someone else caused you harm, and you deserve to collect compensation. A DC metro accident attorney will hold the responsible parties accountable and make sure justice is served.

Causes of metro accidents include:

Injuries Sustained by Metro Accidents

Metro accident victims can suffer severe injuries from an accident. These injuries can leave victims having to cope with extreme physical pain, inability to work, and even permanently debilitated. Many victims will need ongoing medical care, such as rehabilitation, physical therapy, or even 24/7 care.

The main purpose of a personal injury case is to secure maximum compensation to offset all the medical bills that you will incur after the Metrorail or Metrobus accident. Your personal injury case could be the difference between both physical and financial recovery following your accident and crippling financial debt. A Regan Zambri Long personal injury lawyer will build a case and fiercely protect your rights to secure the highest amount of compensation for your injuries. Call us today at (202)960-4596 to discuss your case.

The most typical injuries resulting from WMATA accidents are:

What damages can I collect from DC Metro accidents?

There is no single estimate on how much you can receive from personal injury cases. The settlement largely depends on the severity of your injuries. However, your Regan Zambri Long accident lawyer will pursue the maximum damages to ensure you do not go into financial debt because of your personal injuries.

The damages you may be eligible for are:

Why should I hire Regan Zambri Long for my DC Metro accident claim?

Best Lawyers 2022While our firm is accomplished in many areas of personal injury law, our attorneys are uniquely equipped to handle DC metro accidents. As previously mentioned, Patrick Regan has taken on dozens of DC metro accident cases and secured millions for his clients in the process. We take the attorney-client relationship very seriously – we understand we are coming into your life at a deeply stressful time. You are dealing with physical pain, financial distress, and life-changing injuries. Our mission is to secure compensation as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can start to rebuild your life.

Our firm has your best interest in mind. Your free consultation will be with an attorney experienced in WMATA accidents who will give you a fair assessment of your case. Besides hiring the right lawyer to fight for compensation for your personal injuries, Patrick Regan offers the following advice to keep yourself safe in the DC metro:

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