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Were you injured by someone’s negligence in Maryland? When someone else’s negligent or reckless actions in Maryland injure you or a family member, you may be entitled to compensation. Victims can be compensated for medical bills and expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. The board-certified Maryland personal injury lawyers at Regan Zambri Long have over 100 years of combined experience and have earned a reputation as leaders in personal injury law. If you would like us to assess your case, answer your questions, and discuss your legal options, contact us using our online form or call us at (202) 960-4596.

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Why Should I Contact a Maryland Accident Attorney?

When someone else seriously injures you or a loved one in Maryland you may be able to receive money for your damages and injuries. While money is no replacement for the losses that a serious injury can cause, it allows victims to move forward with their lives in the best way possible given the circumstances.

$77M Wrongful Death Settlement
$20M Brain Injury Verdict
$19.5M Wrongful Death Verdict
$16M Premises Liability Settlement
$15.2M Wrongful Death Settlement
$15.2M Wrongful Death Verdict
$14M Personal Injury Settlement
$14M Car Accident Settlement
$11M Med. Malpractice Settlement

Because getting the money you deserve can be a complex process, the skilled team of Maryland personal injury lawyers of Regan Zambri Long is here to help you every step of the way. We work zealously to recover millions of dollars for our clients, obtaining some of the largest settlements and verdicts in Maryland history.

If your insurance company, or the at-fault party’s insurance company, is giving you a hard time you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to speak directly with the insurance companies for you. The Maryland personal injury lawyers at Regan Zambri Long collectively have over 100 years of experience helping victims obtain the money they deserve from insurance companies. Our personal injury lawyers can help you get the compensation to cover your expenses for medical services, your lost wages, and other losses.

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What Compensation is Available for a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Maryland?

Many injuries caused by personal injury incidents require expensive long-term care. The compensation you receive from your insurance claim may not cover all the expenses from the accident and you will have to pay out of pocket. If another individual or company had caused your accident, you do have the right to file a personal injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. But this can be difficult to navigate on your own.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer for your injury claim, you will get the legal assistance needed to get fair compensation for your injuries. Some compensation you may receive for your personal injury case can include but is not limited to:

Medical expenses: A severe injury can be costly. Not only will you have to contend with current medical expenses, but any future costs. Some of the costs a personal injury claim can cover include doctor’s visits, surgery costs, lab results, physical therapy, medical equipment, rehabilitation, and long-term care.

Lost wages: If you are missing work and not getting paid, you need an injury attorney to help you pursue compensation. When you are injured because of a personal injury accident, you may not be able to work, or you may not be able to work as much as you did before the accident. This incapacity to work may be temporary while you recover from your injuries, or it may be a permanent disability that changes your employment prospects forever. Either way, you could have the right to compensation from the at-fault party or their insurance company for your lost wages, future lost wages, vacation or sick days, employee benefit contributions, missed promotions, and more.

Loss of earning capacity: There are times when the injury you received in the accident makes it difficult to continue your career. This may cause you to choose a different job with less money or stop working entirely. In this case, you could receive compensation to make up for the difference between what you could have received and what you will actually receive in the course of your career. This is referred to as loss of earning capacity.

Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering is a legal term that refers to the physical and emotional pain that an injury victim suffered because of the accident. Pain and suffering can range from physical pain you feel because of the injuries to any emotional distress you may be going through, such as PTSD or depression.

Funeral and burial costs: If your loved one died because of an accident, the personal injury attorneys at Regan Zambri Long can explain your legal choices and how to pursue a wrongful death claim against the individual or company that was responsible for the incident. If your personal injury claim is successful, your family may receive compensation to pay for the costs associated with your loved one’s death.

If the at-fault person doesn’t have insurance, a personal injury attorney can help you recover for your losses. If the at-fault party is underinsured (meaning they do not have sufficient coverage to compensate you) or completely uninsured, it can be hard to receive money for your injuries and losses. Our Maryland personal injury lawyers have extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies and at-fault parties. Call us today at (202) 960-4596 or contact us using our online form to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

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What Kinds of Cases Do the Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys of Regan Zambri Long Handle?

If you suffered an injury from an accident or if a loved one died as a result of the negligence or reckless action of someone else, the Maryland injury lawyers of Regan Zambri Long have the knowledge and skill to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Regan Zambri Long handles all types of personal injury matters in Germantown, Rockville, Potomac, Silver Spring, Waldorf, and other cities in Maryland, such as:

Car Accidents

According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, of the 108,629 car accidents that were reported throughout the state in 2021, 28,074 were injured and 523 lost their lives. This is an increase over 2020.

Not only was there an increase in the number of drivers and passengers injured, but there was also an increase in accidents involving pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Car accidents in Maryland can be difficult to navigate. If you are found at fault by even one percent, you may not be able to recover any damages for an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. If you were involved in a car crash as a driver, passenger, pedestrian, or cyclist, contact our Maryland car accident lawyer right away to protect your claim.

Truck Accidents

Ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in truck traffic on America’s highways. In 2020, there were 57 fatal truck accidents in Maryland alone. Any fatal accidents are one too many.

Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries for the occupants in passenger vehicles. And in many cases, you will receive pushback from the trucking company and other parties involved. You will need an experienced Maryland truck accident lawyer by your side to protect your interests and make sure you get compensation for your injuries.

Medical Malpractice

Some of the top hospitals in the country are located in Maryland. But medical malpractice can occur in even the best hospitals. Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, resulting in more than 440,000 preventable deaths each year.

Unfortunately, medical negligence can be difficult to prove. You will need to show that the medical professional had acted in a negligent or reckless manner that caused your injury or illness. These personal injury cases usually required experienced medical experts to show how the healthcare provider should have acted to prevent your injury. With a registered nurse on staff, our Maryland medical malpractice lawyers can get down to the bottom of what happened that caused your injury.

Premises Liability

A property owner has a responsibility to prevent an accident from occurring on their property. This owner should alert anyone visiting the property of any hazards that could cause an injury. But unfortunately, this does not always happen. And when someone suffers a personal injury on private or on commercial property, they have the right to file a premises liability lawsuit against the owner.

Product Liability

A manufacturer or designer of a product has the responsibility to keep the consumer safe from harm. But sometimes the bottom line is more important to a company than consumer safety. When you or a loved one suffers an injury because of a defective product, you may not know what options are available. But rest assured that the Maryland product liability attorneys at Regan Zambri Long are here to help with your claim.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is never easy. But losing a loved one as the result of someone’s negligence can be devastating to you and your family. At this time, when all you want to do is put the pieces back together, the last thing you should be worried about is arguing with the insurance company.

Regan Zambri Long has a successful track record of getting compensation for those who lost a loved one in a tragic accident. Although no amount of money can bring your loved one back to you, rest assured that your family will be taken care of after such a loss.

How Can Regan Zambri Long Help With My Personal Injury Claim?

The personal injury lawyers of Regan Zambri Long have over 100 years of collective experience representing injury victims throughout the state of Maryland. We are respected by judges, lawyers, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and insurance companies for our ethical representation of clients. Our skilled attorneys are able to help victims throughout Maryland receive the compensation they deserve to cover medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Once you hire our Maryland personal injury lawyers, we will get to work building your case. This includes:

  • Speaking with witnesses
  • Examining the police report and your medical records
  • Reconstructing the accident scene
  • Talking with experts

Once we have the evidence needed to show who the guilty party is, we will begin to negotiate with the insurance company. This could take some time, especially if the insurance carrier is reluctant to give you a fair amount for your injuries. While negotiations are happening, we will keep in communication with you so you will know what is happening with your case.

If the negotiations break down, we will then file a personal injury lawsuit in the Maryland court. We will continue the negotiation process as we continue to build your case.

Once your case goes to court, we will aggressively go after the at-fault party and show with the evidence we have collected that your injuries were the result of their negligence. We will not rest until you and your family get the compensation you deserve.

If you were involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, our Maryland personal injury attorney is ready to fight on your behalf. Contact Regan Zambri Long PLLC today to schedule a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims in Maryland

Do I Need to Hire a Maryland Personal Injury Attorney?

Yes, particularly if you have serious injuries. Catastrophic injuries can take months to heal, which may mean continuous medical care. Your own insurance will only cover so much of the cost and it is likely that you will need to make an insurance claim with the other party’s insurance company so you will not have to pay out of pocket.

In order to get compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance, you must prove they caused your injuries by negligent or reckless actions. A personal injury attorney can work to collect evidence to show the at-fault person caused your injuries. We can also negotiate to obtain compensation for your losses. We will advocate for safety changes so that others do not suffer the same type of injuries in the future. Your personal injury lawyer will also talk directly with insurance companies, witnesses, other lawyers, and judges so you can focus on getting back to normal life.

Because of the three-year time frame within which you must file a personal injury case in court, it is very important to discuss your case with a Maryland personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you hire an injury lawyer experienced in handling personal injury cases, the more likely your case can be resolved in your favor. The skilled personal injury lawyers at Regan Zambri Long are ready to help.

What Is a Personal Injury?

When a person acts recklessly or carelessly and injures another person physically or emotionally, you are able to file a personal injury lawsuit against that individual to recover any damages you received from the injury. Personal injury law is designed to protect the injury victim if you were intentionally harmed by another individual or organization.

Liability is not always straightforward, however, and an experienced Maryland personal injury lawyer at Regan Zambri Long can answer all your questions. We will help you determine whether to pursue a personal injury case against the at-fault person or his insurance company.

How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case?

You were injured in an accident. The injuries were severe and you are now facing financial debt. Does this mean that you have a personal injury claim?

Many injury victims question whether they should speak with a personal injury lawyer following an accident. And the answer we also give is that it’s always smart to speak with a personal injury attorney after an accident to learn what your legal options are.

Here is when you should speak with a personal injury attorney about your case:

How Long Do I Have to Start a Personal Injury Case?

For most personal injury cases in Maryland, you must file your case in court within three years from the date of the accident. This period of time is called the statute of limitations. If you delay more than three years to pursue your case, you will not be able to file a case in court and the at-fault party and their insurance company will no longer be required to pay you for your losses.

Remember that evidence can fade quickly. The sooner you speak with a personal injury lawyer in Maryland about your claim, the easier it will be to find the evidence needed to prove who is at fault for your accident.

How Long Will It Take to Settle Personal Injury Claims in Maryland?

Unfortunately, there is no average time that it takes to settle a personal injury claim. Personal injury cases are different — in some cases, it can take only a few months to reach a resolution. But in other cases, it can take years. It all depends on the complexity of your case, the severity of your injuries, and the willingness of the other party to reach a settlement.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Maryland?

When you or a loved one is suffering because of an accident, you may have mounting medical bills and lost wages caused by your inability to work while you recuperate. Because of these challenges, we understand how difficult it is to carry on with normal life, both emotionally and financially, after an accident.

That’s why the personal injury lawyers at Regan Zambri Long work for clients on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee means that once we take on your case, no attorney fees are charged to you until we recover funds in settlement or at trial on your behalf. If we are unable to recover compensation for your injuries, then you do not owe our personal injury attorney a fee for their services.

What Can I Expect If I Pursue My Case In a Lawsuit In Court?

A lawsuit begins by filing a document called a complaint that outlines what happened to the victim and how the at-fault party caused the injuries. The complaint refers to the at-fault party as the defendant and refers to you, the injured party, as the plaintiff.

In response to the complaint, the defendant submits a document called an answer. Then the “discovery” process begins, where both plaintiff and defendant – called the parties – exchange documents and information that will become evidence at trial. The plaintiff and defendant, as well as witnesses to the accident, will be interviewed by the lawyers. In addition, an expert witness may provide information based on his specialized knowledge about what he believes caused the injuries.

Many personal injury cases result in a settlement agreement rather than a verdict at trial. Settlement is possible at any point before, during, or even after trial. If a settlement is not reached, both sides prepare for and participate in a trial.

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If you have suffered a personal injury in Baltimore or anywhere in Maryland, the experienced accident attorneys of Regan Zambri Long can help you understand your legal rights and if your circumstances are likely to result in compensation for your losses. If you have questions about whether you are entitled to compensation based upon the incident that caused your or your loved one’s injuries, contact Regan Zambri Long using our online form or call us at (202) 960-4596 to receive a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal options.

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