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10/29/19   |   By

Halloween Driving and Safety Tips

October is finally here, and with it the joys of the autumn season. Whether the crisp, cool air, the warm spiced beverages, or the excitement of Halloween to look forward […]

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10/19/19   |   By

Homecoming Football Safety Statistics And Tips

One of the year’s most anticipated events, homecoming brings a festive atmosphere to every high school and college campus. Unfortunately, that same revelry can spark grave danger for both students […]

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10/07/19   |   By

Ridesharing Safety Tips For Drivers And Passengers

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have completely changed how we think of transit. These apps are increasingly popular, with 36 percent of respondents in a Pew Research Center survey […]

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09/24/19   |   By

Common Leaf Raking Hazards — And How to Avoid Them

The beautiful spectacle of fall colors has arrived — and with it, the opportunity to marvel at nature’s majesty. Enjoy the scenery while it lasts, for your future likely involves […]

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09/09/19   |   By

Drone Safety Resources

Once regarded exclusively as a military matter, drones are increasingly popular for recreational purposes. They are also becoming more common in the commercial sector, with many businesses relying on unmanned […]

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09/04/19   |   By

Commonly Confusing Driving Situations: How to Handle Them the Right Way

The open road can be a confusing place. Unfortunately, many of the most perplexing circumstances behind the wheel are rarely discussed in driver’s training. These issues are even more likely […]

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08/21/19   |   By

American Academy of Pediatrics Continues to Support Baby Walker Ban

In the 1990’s, an average of 20,000 children were injured each year by child walkers. This high rate of injury led to a decline in popularity to baby walkers, and […]

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08/20/19   |   By

How a Fire Can Lead to a Personal Injury Case

Most of the time, a fire is not something that can be foreseen or avoided. While some fires are caused by mistakes that people make, these mistakes are often just […]

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07/10/19   |   By

The Three Most Common Workplace Injuries According to OSHA

Workplace injuries occur more frequently than you might think. In fact, many thousands of workplace injuries happen each year. While the most workplace injuries occur in construction, these injuries can […]

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07/08/19   |   By

Electric Scooter Safety in the District

It’s nearly impossible to walk around the streets of DC today and not encounter people riding electric scooters. This relatively new addition to transportation has changed the way transit in […]

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