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Electric Scooter Safety in the District

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It’s nearly impossible to walk around the streets of DC today and not encounter people riding electric scooters. This relatively new addition to transportation has changed the way transit in the city operates. Here are some guidelines about safety practices around electric scooters, whether you’re riding one or you encounter them on a daily basis.

New Technology, Old Problem

Functionally, electric scooter safety is similar to bike safety. However, electric scooters are novel, easy to use, and widely accessible, which has opened up scooter use to many more casual commuters who might not apprecaite the risks associated with electric  Electric scooter riders may face the same risks as bicyclists on the street, but are much less likely to take safety precautions. For example, scooter companies conducted research which found that less than 5% of users wear a helmet. Scooter safety, like bike safety, is dependent on the rider. There has been some attention to incidents where scooters caught on fire because of battery malfunctions. However, nearly all scooter related injuries are simply because riders are going fast with no protection. Over 70% of scooter injuries are either fractures or head injuries, according to data from a new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Many these scooter related injuries are preventable given the appropriate headgear and safe driving.

Nearly all electric scooter share companies have protective headgear as a requirement for use in their terms of service. Always use a helmet when riding an electric scooter or bicycle. Riding an electric scooter without a helmet is dangerous, and could likely prevent you from receiving more compensation if you do end up in an accident.

Scooter Safety

Riders should be cautious when riding at night and during busy rush hour times, and they should always obey street signs and rules just like any pedestrian or bicyclist. E-scooter riders should also never drive while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

When driving scooters, users should be aware and considerate of pedestrians. Use your bell and give plenty of space to pedestrians on the sidewalk. Also, when parking your scooter, make sure that it isn’t obstructing any sidewalk or doorways. Not only is it polite, but abandoned scooters often make travelling more difficult for people with disabilities.

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