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Distracted Driving

03/30/23   |   By

Truck Drivers & Distracted Driving: A Deadly Combo | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

The Federal Government commissioned a study a few years ago involving distracted driving among commercial vehicle operators, such as those who drive large trucks and buses. The most recently published […]

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04/06/22   |   By

Highway Hypnosis: Dangers of Distracted Driving

hands on steering wheel driving at night

For many of us, traveling by car is a daily occurrence. Be it to work, to school, or to run errands, the average American spends up to one hour a […]

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08/20/21   |   By

How to Be Safe On Your Commute to School

As students return to school, it is important to be reminded of the many dangers we all face in our daily commutes. Listed below are important safety tips, especially for […]

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05/24/21   |   By

The Most Common Causes of Distracted Driving — And What to Do About Them

Distracted driving feels a bit like the status quo these days. We all technically agree that it’s important to pay attention to the road, but all too often succumb to […]

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04/27/21   |   By

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month: What the Latest Research Says About Distraction And Our Abilities Behind the Wheel

In the chaos of everyday life, it’s easy to succumb to bad habits. Few, however, are as dangerous or as potentially tragic as driving while distracted. Hence, the importance of […]

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04/19/21   |   By

Zoom Zombies? Why Cognitive Overload Makes Roads More Dangeorous

At the beginning of the pandemic, many people assumed that the increase in work-from-home arrangements would limit car accidents. This theory makes sense: fewer people on the road means fewer […]

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03/11/21   |   By

Staying Safe During Daylight Saving Time

This Sunday marks the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. While we certainly want to “spring forward” and update our clocks, statistics tell us we should pay special attention while on […]

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11/30/20   |   By

New Year, New Law: It Will Soon Be Illegal to Hold Your Phone While Driving in Virginia

If you are a believer in new years’ resolutions, you might consider adding one more item to your list: don’t hold your phone while driving. While this certainly has always […]

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11/06/20   |   By

Crash Statistics: Drivers Involved in Crashes Admit Risky Behavior

  Distracted driving continues to be a major cause of accidents in America. While this unlikely comes as a surprise, what is surprising is how little improvement has been made. […]

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10/29/20   |   By

The Dangers of Daylight Saving Time: How Can You Avoid Them?

Daylight Saving Time isn’t a mere annoyance — it’s a verifiable source of danger. Every year, motor vehicle accidents and fatalities skyrocket right after we move the clocks forward or […]

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