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08/03/21   |   By

Post-COVID Stress And Burnout Among Health Care Workers: How Does it Put Patients at Risk?

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, burnout was at an all-time high among health care professionals. This was abundantly clear in the survey “Coping with COVID,” which revealed that […]

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06/24/21   |   By

Best Practices to Improve Health in the Hospital

You’ve been admitted to the hospital, and, needless to say, don’t feel your best. Unfortunately, while a variety of targeted treatments promise to resolve your most pressing health concerns, other […]

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06/23/21   |   By

Mild Concussions and Brain Aging: What the Latest Research Says

Concussions, like many injuries, exist on a spectrum. In the mildest cases, the injured are fortunate enough to avoid any loss of consciousness or serious lasting effects. Soon after the […]

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06/14/21   |   By

How Concussions Can Lead to Accelerated Brain Aging: A Summary of the Science

Athletic concussions regularly hit headlines, but brain injuries are also alarmingly common outside of professional sports. A poll from NPR and Truven Health Analytics suggests that approximately one-quarter of Americans […]

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02/17/21   |   By

The Physical Dangers of Lockdown Isolation — And What We Can Do About It

  Isolation and loneliness represented huge societal problems long before COVID forced us into quarantine. More people than ever live alone, and worse, many lack the friendships or close family […]

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02/05/21   |   By

Anxiety and Depression After an Injury: How Common Is It And What Can You Do?

There are many facets to post-injury recovery, including not only rest and healing, but also, regaining long-term strength and dealing with oft-ignored mental health concerns. If the potential for anxiety […]

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12/29/20   |   By

Seasonal Depression Meets COVID-19 Depression

Seasonal depression, the “winter blues,” and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) all have one thing in common: timing. As winter approaches and the amount of daylight decreases, energy levels and moods […]

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10/30/20   |   By

How Being Distracted by Politics Can Impact Your Health

  Do you feel stressed about the election and politics in general? You’re certainly not alone. This is a significant source of anxiety for a huge share of the population. […]

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09/22/20   |   By

The Effect of Social Media on Mental Health in the Era of COVID-19

Why Taking a Break From Social Media Is Important for Your Mental Health Is your mental health suffering in a time of COVID? You’re certainly not alone. The digital landscape […]

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09/08/20   |   By

Coping with the Stress and Uncertainty of COVID-19 Lockdown

How to Deal with the Long-Term Stresses and Future Uncertainty of COVID Lockdowns Diagnoses for depression and anxiety are skyrocketing in the time of COVID. Preliminary data from a Kaiser […]

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