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Halloween Driving and Safety Tips

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October is finally here, and with it the joys of the autumn season. Whether the crisp, cool air, the warm spiced beverages, or the excitement of Halloween to look forward to, it seems everyone has something to love about this time of year.

Unfortunately, with Halloween comes a number of increased safety risks to be extra mindful of. Twice as many children die from car accidents out walking on October 31 than any other night of the year, and everyone can play a role in reducing that number. Many of the deaths that occur are a direct result of drinking and driving; in fact, 42% of deaths on Halloween night between 2013 and 2017 resulted from car crashes involving at least one drunk driver. It is the responsibility of adults to be sober, mindful drivers, and keep an eye out for dangerous driving and trick-or-treaters. Here’s a few tips to make sure that no matter what you choose to do on Halloween, everyone makes it home safely:

  • Discourage inexperienced drivers from driving Halloween night. The extra hazards can make it a daunting undertaking.
  • If you see a driver or pedestrian on the road who appears intoxicated, report it to your local law enforcement.
  • Keep off any handheld electronic devices and away from any other potential distractions while driving.
  • Always keep an active eye out for pedestrians, and remember that children can be much harder to see than adults, especially if wearing dark costume clothing.
  • Pedestrians are also more likely to cross the street away from designated crosswalks on Halloween, so be alert even when you are not approaching an intersection.
  • Give yourself a few extra minutes anytime you need to drive somewhere. Don’t rush, and make sure to slow down for low-visibility areas and blind corners.
  • Take responsibility for not only your own sober transportation, but that of anyone else in your group as well. Check to make sure everyone has a ride home before making any plans to drink.
  • If you host an event, collect car keys from anyone who drinks. Provide a safe ride alternative or a place to spend the night if needed.

Additionally, the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) in partnership with Lyft is offering a promo code for free sober rides in the DC area the weekend before Halloween (Oct. 26-27). The code will be posted on at 9:00pm on Saturday, October 26. It is usable for up to $15 in ride credit and available to the first 1,500 customers to apply. Just remember: always have a plan, and NEVER drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

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