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Medication Safety

03/08/22   |   By

Corporate Opioid Payouts Could Reach $32 Billion

To reform the way opioids are marketed and sold, some of the largest United States corporations could be paying out roughly $32 billion to victims and governments. Currently, there are […]

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06/27/21   |   By

The Gender Gap in Medical Trials: What to Know

When you examine medical research — or place your trust in health care providers who delve into this research on your behalf — you trust that experts have taken every […]

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06/16/21   |   By

Transferring Hospitals? How Information Can Get Lost And Lead to Injuries

When you arrive at the hospital for treatment, you assume that you’ll stay there until you’re sent home. In reality, however, it’s common to visit multiple hospitals in succession or […]

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04/02/21   |   By

How to Keep Track of Doctor’s Notes and Prescriptions When You Feel Ill Or Overwhelmed

Doctor appointments can feel like a whirlwind even at the best of times. Now, add exhaustion or confusion in the midst of illness or injury. In such cases, it’s easy […]

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03/15/21   |   By

Surprising Dangers of Physical Rehab Centers

Physical rehab centers promise to promote long-term recovery, but research suggests that, for some patients, they may cause more harm than good. A 2016 report from the Department of Health […]

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03/25/19   |   By

How to Keep Track of Your Prescription Medications

If you’re like many Americans, your day begins with a hot cup of coffee…and a handful of pills. A report from the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings indicates that seven out […]

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03/06/19   |   By

Is Your Medical Device a Hacking Risk?

More and more, Americans are relying on medical devices to extend and improve the quality of their lives. From insulin pumps to pacemakers, there is a medical device for every […]

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11/27/18   |   By

Common Clerical Errors That Cause Medical Injuries: Part I

Typically, when people picture medical malpractice, they think of obvious errors made during surgery. Often, however, the most harmful mistakes occur at completely unexpected points in the medical process. Clerical […]

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11/08/18   |   By

The Latest on the Battle Against Antibiotic Resistance in Hospitals

Diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhea, and tuberculosis once posed a huge threat to ordinary Americans; according to the Centers for Disease Control, these three illnesses were responsible for a third […]

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08/28/18   |   By

What Are the Most Common Prescription Drug Errors?

Prescription drugs, when used correctly, can save someone’s life who is suffering from a chronic illness or health condition. Prescription drugs also have the ability to improve a patient’s quality […]

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