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Drone Safety Resources

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Once regarded exclusively as a military matter, drones are increasingly popular for recreational purposes. They are also becoming more common in the commercial sector, with many businesses relying on unmanned aircraft for delivery purposes. Unfortunately, casual and commercial users alike often compromise the safety of bystanders by improperly flying or landing these devices. If everybody sticks to the rules, however, drones can be safely operated and enjoyed. Before you operate your drone, be sure to check out these essential resources:

Federal Aviation Administration Fact Sheet

The FAA offers a detailed fact sheet highlighting when and where small unmanned aircraft can be operated. The fact sheet also delves into pilot certification essentials. Clear reminders highlight that drones should be made available to the FAA for testing — and that any accident that results in serious bodily injury should be reported promptly.

FAA Drone Safety Videos

Don’t hesitate to check out a brief series of FAA drone videos currently available on YouTube. These videos may seem overly simplistic or cutesy, but they provide valuable safety tips worth keeping in mind. In each brief clip, whimsical guide Buzzy the Drone offers a memorable piece of advice for operating your drone safely and responsibly.

Privacy Best Practices For Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Several skeptics have cited concerns regarding privacy and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Some are worried that these devices will be used to spy on private citizens. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration addresses these concerns with this detailed guide, which highlights best practices for using drones safely and ethically.

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