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Men’s Health Issues

06/14/21   |   By

How Concussions Can Lead to Accelerated Brain Aging: A Summary of the Science

Athletic concussions regularly hit headlines, but brain injuries are also alarmingly common outside of professional sports. A poll from NPR and Truven Health Analytics suggests that approximately one-quarter of Americans […]

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05/11/21   |   By

How Strength and Balance Training Can Help Seniors Avoid Slip And Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are both common and devastating for seniors, who are vulnerable to everything from concussions to broken bones. While these accidents can’t always be avoided, certain exercises […]

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03/14/19   |   By

Do’s And Don’ts For Getting a Second Opinion From Another Doctor

You respect your doctor’s opinion but aren’t so sure that you agree. While it’s tempting to play along, your gut may be more accurate than you suspect; a notable Mayo […]

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12/04/18   |   By

Doctors Who Abuse Drugs And Alcohol: By the Numbers

The medical profession is notoriously stressful, especially for physicians and other high-level employees. Unfortunately, many self-medicate in hopes of managing the constant barrage of anxiety. This leaves both medical professionals […]

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07/23/18   |   By

Tips to Prevent Overheating in the Elderly

The summer seems like an innocuous season for senior citizens—a time for chatting outdoors, grilling and playing in the sprinklers with your grandchildren. But summer heat and humidity create serious […]

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06/28/18   |   By

How Can You Make Sure Your Doctor Is Really Listening to You?

One of the biggest deterrents to medical errors is to establish clear, open communication between doctor and patient—however, sometimes a doctor visit can feel like you’re just being processed through […]

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05/23/18   |   By

Most Common Nursing Errors and How to Avoid Them

Nurses have one of the most grueling (and often thankless) jobs in America. They deal with cranky patients, field countless distractions, frequently work 12-hour shifts and often suffer from fatigue—which […]

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05/17/18   |   By

How Fatigue Can Affect Your Doctor’s Judgment—And What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

The medical profession has some glaring gaps when it comes to patient safety—and one of the biggest is the lack of protections against doctor fatigue. Hospital physicians and nurses are […]

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