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Men’s Health Issues

06/14/21   |   By

How Concussions Can Lead to Accelerated Brain Aging: A Summary of the Science

Athletic concussions regularly hit headlines, but brain injuries are also alarmingly common outside of professional sports. A poll from NPR and Truven Health Analytics suggests that approximately one-quarter of Americans […]

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05/11/21   |   By

How Strength and Balance Training Can Help Seniors Avoid Slip And Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are both common and devastating for seniors, who are vulnerable to everything from concussions to broken bones. While these accidents can’t always be avoided, certain exercises […]

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11/24/20   |   By

Protecting Your Immune System From the Flu and COVID This Winter

Social distancing and mask-wearing may be key measures for reducing the spread of COVID, but the status of your immune system also matters. Unfortunately, the sheer stress of navigating a […]

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05/01/20   |   By

Tips For Using Masks And Hand Sanitizer Safely — And How to Avoid Injury

  Hand sanitizer and face masks are all but impossible to find on store shelves these days, and for good reason: they represent two of the most vital tools available […]

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04/20/20   |   By

What Is the Actual Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for Covid-19?

The disease Covid-19—caused by the novel coronavirus—clearly can be deadly, especially for seniors and those who are immune-compromised or metabolically unwell. But how dangerous is it, precisely? Epidemiologists measure something […]

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02/28/20   |   By

February Is National Heart Month: Tips For Achieving a Healthy Heart Now And Year-Round

The Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day may be your February high points, but there’s far more to this month than chocolate and chicken wings. It’s also National Heart Month — […]

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02/13/20   |   By

What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Do you feel moody, tired, or overwhelmed during specific times of the year? If so, you may suffer from a mental health issue that plagues millions of Americans: seasonal affective […]

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02/05/20   |   By

Protecting the Elderly And Other Individuals From Hypothermia During the Winter

Hypothermia fatalities are on the rise, with seniors proving especially vulnerable. Data from the Centers for Disease Control indicates that, while the general population suffered a hypothermia-related fatality rate of […]

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06/25/19   |   By

The Surprising Dangers of Humidity — And How You Can Combat Them

Summer has arrived, and with it, that oppressive humidity we all dread. Humidity isn’t merely uncomfortable, however; it can also be downright dangerous. Hence the oft-repeated phrase, “It’s not the […]

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05/29/19   |   By

May Is Stroke Awareness Month: What You Need to Know

May is Stroke Awareness Month, and for good reason — many people have no idea the true extent of the havoc strokes wreak on American adults. According to the Centers […]

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