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09/27/22   |   By

Seven Common Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

Washington, DC Medication Error Lawyer

There are seven common medication errors in nursing homes. Nursing homes take care of our society’s most vulnerable members. The elderly and permanently disabled may reside in these facilities. Like […]

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10/01/21   |   By

Are Washington DC Hospitals Safe?

Empty bed in a hospital ward

When you go to a hospital in Washington D.C., you expect the facility to adhere to minimum health and safety standards. Whether your visit is for a minor procedure or […]

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04/23/21   |   By

April 24, 2021 – Annual Drug Take Back Day

National Drug Take Back Day is this Saturday, April 24th from 10AM-2PM. As we have discussed in previous blog posts, participation in the annual National Drug Take-Back Day is the best way […]

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04/02/21   |   By

How to Keep Track of Doctor’s Notes and Prescriptions When You Feel Ill Or Overwhelmed

Doctor appointments can feel like a whirlwind even at the best of times. Now, add exhaustion or confusion in the midst of illness or injury. In such cases, it’s easy […]

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02/08/21   |   By

Catalog of Different Types of Nurses: What Are Their Roles and Responsibilities?

How much do you know about the nurses at your local clinic or hospital? These medical professionals play a crucial role in helping you maintain the best possible health and […]

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02/03/21   |   By

Where We Are With the COVID Vaccine in 2021 — And What to Expect Next: Part II

We are currently in the midst not only of a deadly pandemic, but also, history’s most ambitious vaccination campaign. In the first part of this series, we examined the latest […]

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02/01/21   |   By

Where We Are With the COVID Vaccine in 2021 — And What to Expect Next: Part I

Vaccines represent the light at the end of the tunnel during the darkest days of the pandemic. We are currently in the early stages of the rollout, with frontline health […]

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01/04/21   |   By

How Medical Record Errors Can Put You in Danger — And How to Protect Yourself Against Them

Today’s digital resources allow for the seamless input, transfer, and retrieval of key medical information at clinics and hospitals. This facilitates more efficient and accurate care for patients. Unfortunately, even […]

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12/26/20   |   By

What You Need to Know About the Recently Released COVID Vaccines: Part III

  Are you worried about receiving one of the COVID vaccines outlined in our last two blogs? You’re certainly not alone. A variety of side effects may accompany the injection. […]

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12/23/20   |   By

What You Need to Know About the Recently Released COVID Vaccines: Part II

  Throughout the ordeal of living through a pandemic, we’ve placed our hope in the development of several vaccines at breakneck speed. Most people, however, have no idea how these […]

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