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09/27/22   |   By

Seven Common Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

Lack of informed consent lawsuit medical malpractice

There are seven common medication errors in nursing homes. Nursing homes take care of our society’s most vulnerable members. The elderly and permanently disabled may reside in these facilities. Like […]

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10/01/21   |   By

Are Washington DC Hospitals Safe?

Empty bed in a hospital ward

When you go to a hospital in Washington D.C., you expect the facility to adhere to minimum health and safety standards. Whether your visit is for a minor procedure or […]

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04/02/21   |   By

How to Keep Track of Doctor’s Notes and Prescriptions When You Feel Ill Or Overwhelmed

Doctor appointments can feel like a whirlwind even at the best of times. Now, add exhaustion or confusion in the midst of illness or injury. In such cases, it’s easy […]

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01/04/21   |   By

How Medical Record Errors Can Put You in Danger — And How to Protect Yourself Against Them

Today’s digital resources allow for the seamless input, transfer, and retrieval of key medical information at clinics and hospitals. This facilitates more efficient and accurate care for patients. Unfortunately, even […]

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06/21/19   |   By

The Pareto Principle in Medicine: Why Just a Few Doctors Are Responsible for Most Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice is far too common. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the United States. But while […]

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06/15/19   |   By

Common Mistakes Hospital Administrators Make — And How They Can Affect You

Hospital administrators are responsible for keeping facilities running seamlessly. It’s not an easy job — opportunities for errors abound. Unfortunately, these errors can prove deadly for vulnerable patients, who depend […]

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06/06/19   |   By

How Medical Software Glitches Can Hurt You

Medical advances promise to take us into a new age of possibility, in which facility visits are more convenient and patient records are more secure. Used correctly, medical software can […]

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01/04/19   |   By

Physician Burnout: A Deep Dive (Part I)

Few professions are mentally or physically more taxing than medicine. Physicians, in particular, face long hours and considerable stress. With over one-quarter of doctors working between 61 and 80 hours […]

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12/07/18   |   By

Parents: Here’s How to Prepare for Flu Season This Year

It is officially flu season. Between the months of October and May, the influenza virus peaks and infects adults and children, although symptoms and severity may vary significantly. The flu […]

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12/04/18   |   By

Doctors Who Abuse Drugs And Alcohol: By the Numbers

The medical profession is notoriously stressful, especially for physicians and other high-level employees. Unfortunately, many self-medicate in hopes of managing the constant barrage of anxiety. This leaves both medical professionals […]

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