ClickCease How Software Malfunctions Can Lead to Medical Malpractice
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How Medical Software Glitches Can Hurt You

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Medical advances promise to take us into a new age of possibility, in which facility visits are more convenient and patient records are more secure. Used correctly, medical software can have a positive impact. Glitches, however, are far from uncommon — and they place you and your fellow patients at risk. Below, we explain why these technological issues cause so much harm.

Delayed Patient Results

Every moment counts when treating severe health conditions. Unfortunately, while technology promises to speed up the process, glitches can prompt significant roadblocks. In Canada, for example, 2017 issues with electronic health records (EHR) software from Telus Health’s Med Access caused delays impacting 876 patients across several provinces. EHR glitches left physicians unable to access clinical reports, many of which involved blood work and diagnostic imaging. While urgent findings were not impacted, this glitch may have led to delayed care for at-risk patients.

In other situations, malfunctioning software has proven deadly. In a case highlighted by Fortune, Annette Monachelli died of a brain aneurysm due to the improper transmission of a head scan order. This is just one of several concerning reports involving record-keeping software seller eClinicalWorks.

Prescription Errors

Software is supposed to take human error out of prescription medications, but not all programs actually deliver on this promise. A whistleblower claim filed in 2011 revealed unreliable patient medication lists, in which discontinued drugs appeared as current — and proper start and stop dates were not listed. Some patients even received physician notes intended for other people.

If medical software issues are to blame for your current suffering, look to Regan Zambri Long PLLC for assistance. Reach out today to learn about our legal services and our approach to medical malpractice cases.

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