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How to Keep Track of Doctor’s Notes and Prescriptions When You Feel Ill Or Overwhelmed

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Doctor appointments can feel like a whirlwind even at the best of times. Now, add exhaustion or confusion in the midst of illness or injury. In such cases, it’s easy to see why keeping track of notes or prescriptions is such a struggle.

While many clinics offer digital solutions, these sometimes are so difficult to navigate that they make matters even more confusing. Still, it’s crucial that you stay on top of your doctor’s notes, as even a small misstep could compromise your recovery. These suggestions should help:

Ask For a Print-Out

Many doctor’s offices are happy to provide print-outs detailing all recommendations and prescriptions. Request one early on so you know that, should you forget something, you’ll have easy access to important information later on. Digital information may also be available, so don’t hesitate to get registered for your provider’s patient portal.

Use a Dedicated Medical Notebook

Digital records and print-outs can be helpful, but the physical act of writing notes can actually trigger your memory. Hence, the value of note-taking not only in school, but also, while you visit the doctor.

Traditional notebooks, calendars, and planners are not always effective for medical note-taking. Instead, invest in a dedicated book designed for documenting everything from prescriptions to lab tests. There, you can jot not only feedback from your appointment, but also, follow-up information. Don’t hesitate to seek more details if you feel confused while rereading your notes.

Many medical notebooks and planners also include space for recording symptoms and other developments between doctor visits. This will help you provide accurate information so that your doctor can make a more precise diagnosis and better-targeted treatment recommendations.

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