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03/25/20   |   By

The Power And Perils of Telemedicine For Patients

A variety of technological solutions have completely transformed the scope of modern health care. Today’s patients can easily get in touch with doctors or other medical professionals by email or […]

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08/23/19   |   By

How Virtual Reality Is Already Changing Health Care

New technologies such as 3D imaging and robot-assisted surgery have dramatically altered the health care industry in the last few years. Further changes are on the horizon, with some holding […]

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09/26/18   |   By

Safe Driving Apps: Do They Really Work?

Distracted driving is a huge public hazard; the National Safety Council reports that distracted drivers cause 1.6 million crashes annually. According to tech gurus, however, the very devices that distract […]

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09/24/18   |   By

Opportunities and Risks of Robot-Assisted Surgery

Could robot-assisted surgery be the future of healthcare? Advocates certainly think so. According to proponents, the use of robotics in surgery would lead to greater precision than humans can demonstrate […]

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06/08/18   |   By

Autonomous Car Crashes: What Causes Them?

Some would say it was bound to happen eventually. In March, the ridesharing platform Uber made the news in spectacular fashion when one of its self-driving prototype vehicles struck and […]

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04/25/18   |   By

Thinking of Getting a Hoverboard for Your Child? Think Again…

Since hitting the market in 2015, the self-balancing scooters commonly called hoverboards have been seeing their reputation worsen almost by the day. Most of us have heard the reports of […]

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03/20/18   |   By

Medical Implant Devices and the FDA: User Beware? (part 2)

We previously discussed an ongoing public health concern where the FDA’s approval process for medical devices appears to be dangerously lacking—to the point that many devices get released to market […]

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02/27/17   |   By

Five New Safety Habits to Adopt in 2017

As we go through life, personal safety should be our constant goal in an ever-changing and sometimes uncertain world. The following five habits can keep you safer in 2017.

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02/23/17   |   By

Washington D.C. Medical Malpractice Lawyers | Cybersecurity Threats and Medical Devices

Did you know that cybersecurity can threaten certain medical devices? Find out how from our skilled Washington D.C. medical malpractice attorneys!

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01/30/17   |   By

5 Emerging Medical Technologies for 2017: Opportunities and Dangers

Technology constantly evolves, and some of the most exciting – and worrisome – innovations are poised to reshape the healthcare industry in the coming year.

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