ClickCease Opportunities and Risks for Patients Participating in Telemedicine
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The Power And Perils of Telemedicine For Patients

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A variety of technological solutions have completely transformed the scope of modern health care. Today’s patients can easily get in touch with doctors or other medical professionals by email or text message. This allows many to avoid time-consuming appointments altogether. Unfortunately, telemedicine isn’t exactly risk-free. Before perusing this option, it’s important to be aware of the many opportunities and hazards it poses.

Exciting Opportunities

At its best, telemedicine improves convenience. It’s a wonderful tool for patients who reside in rural areas or struggle to access transportation. Typically reserved for minor ailments, telemedicine solutions can deliver swift diagnoses for common problems such as minor fevers or sore throat. Additionally, telemedicine allows for easy post-treatment check-in to help keep patients on track. This increases the likelihood of interaction for patients who would otherwise be reluctant to visit in person due to anxiety or other mental health issues.

Worrisome Risks

Digital solutions make life easier for modern patients, but they’re far from risk-free. Some symptoms can only be accurately assessed in person through the use of diagnostic imaging or lab tests. What’s more, not all patients accurately describe the nature of their suffering. Some make light of severe symptoms, while others may exaggerate. Even those who accurately convey their concerns may struggle to communicate effectively online or over the phone. Such issues could lead to late diagnosis, which, in turn, may compromise treatment plans.

Telemedicine is a wonderful tool, but it should not be relied upon in lieu of necessary in-person treatments. Full transparency is critical if you intend to take advantage of this option, as is the discernment to know when a traditional visit will prove more effective.

Whether you’ve observed negligence in telemedicine or other areas of the health care industry, you owe it to yourself to seek support from Regan Zambri Long PLLC. Reach out today to learn more about our approach to medical malpractice.

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