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Opportunities and Risks of Robot-Assisted Surgery

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Could robot-assisted surgery be the future of healthcare? Advocates certainly think so. According to proponents, the use of robotics in surgery would lead to greater precision than humans can demonstrate alone. Currently, robotics primarily play a role in minimally invasive procedures involving small incisions.

Benefits of Robot-Assisted Surgery

Currently, robotic systems allow physicians to perform complicated procedures with greater precision. In select situations, robotic systems are better capable of providing the delicate care and small incisions patients require. Additionally, the use of robotic systems can lead to fewer surgical site infections and other complications.

Robot-Assisted Risks

As with any surgery, robot-assisted procedures are far from risk-free. Many of the risks involved in robotic surgeries echo those seen in conventional procedures. Although the potential for infection may be reduced in some situations, it still remains a grave risk. Additionally, mechanical failures could imperil patients, especially during invasive or emergency procedures. From cameras to robotic arms, several elements can fail in the midst of surgery. Furthermore, robotic systems don’t eliminate the potential for human error; medical professionals may operate robotic technology incorrectly.

Exciting Developments in Robot-Assisted Surgery

Currently, numerous procedures involve da Vinci robots, which use mechanical arms to hold various instruments or visual aids. Additional systems are about to shake up the field of robot-assisted surgery, however, allowing for even more impressive medical feats. For example, Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance Guidance System can improve execution of difficult spinal procedures. Meanwhile, the Virtual Incision Corporation is focused on developing a mini robot for assisting in various abdominal procedures.

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