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05/05/21   |   By

Infections That Peak in the Spring and Summer: What Can Be Done to Avoid Them?

Winter and illness seem to go hand-in-hand. Ordinarily, the cold months represent the height of flu season. In 2020, cold weather also ushered in the most deadly COVID surges. Surprisingly, […]

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04/23/21   |   By

April 24, 2021 – Annual Drug Take Back Day

National Drug Take Back Day is this Saturday, April 24th from 10AM-2PM. As we have discussed in previous blog posts, participation in the annual National Drug Take-Back Day is the best way […]

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03/15/21   |   By

Surprising Dangers of Physical Rehab Centers

Physical rehab centers promise to promote long-term recovery, but research suggests that, for some patients, they may cause more harm than good. A 2016 report from the Department of Health […]

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02/22/21   |   By

How Political Instability Can Impact Us Emotionally And Physically: What Can We Do to Protect Ourselves?

  From election drama to Black Lives Matter protests and debates about the merits of various COVID interventions, political instability is the name of the game in 2021. While it’s […]

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02/03/21   |   By

Updated Rules Governing Lead in Drinking Water

Since 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency’s lead and copper rule has governed our nation’s efforts to reduce lead in drinking water. This rule has often been criticized as overly complicated, […]

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11/25/20   |   By

What Are the Most Promising COVID Treatments in Development?

As we await the release of the highly-anticipated COVID vaccine, we’re learning more about the top treatments for severe cases. Certain medications and therapies can dramatically improve outcomes for vulnerable […]

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11/24/20   |   By

Protecting Your Immune System From the Flu and COVID This Winter

Social distancing and mask-wearing may be key measures for reducing the spread of COVID, but the status of your immune system also matters. Unfortunately, the sheer stress of navigating a […]

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11/18/20   |   By

The Great Barrington Declaration And COVID: Part II

  Signed in early October, 2020, the Great Barrington Declaration proposes an alternate method for handling the COVID pandemic. This statement advocates for a risk-based approach to mitigation, in which […]

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11/02/20   |   By

When Should You Consider Getting a Second Medical Opinion?

You’ve visited your doctor in search of answers to your most urgent medical issues. Now, your gut tells you that their response was off. Intuition holds far more value than […]

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10/23/20   |   By

October 24, 2020 Is National Drug Take Back Day

  National Drug Take Back Day is this Saturday, October 24th from 10AM-2PM.  Do you have expired or unused prescription medications around your house? Participation in the annual National Drug […]

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