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Earth Day Safety Tips

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April 22, 2018 marks the 49th official observance of Earth Day—an annual celebration to raise environmental awareness around the world. Each year, Earth Day has grown in scope, with all sorts of events, festivals, concerts, etc. happening around the world—including multiple events here in the D.C. area. Unfortunately, sometimes these well-intended events can also be targeted by thieves and predators, or laden with safety issues. If you plan to bring your family out to celebrate Earth Day 2018, what can you do to stay safe and keep the day happy?

Keep Track of Belongings

If you’re attending an outdoor event—perhaps setting out a blanket or lawn chairs—don’t leave your stuff unattended, especially valuables. If you’re going to be among large crowds, keep your wallet and phone in your front pockets or concealed in a pouch underneath clothing to thwart pickpockets.

Keep Track of Children

Earth Day participants tend to be a friendly, family-oriented bunch—but that doesn’t mean everyone is “family.” Large groups preoccupied by an event present opportunities for predators to come and lurk. Resist the temptation to let smaller children wander off in the crowd—keep them in your sight at all times, or at least in the company of someone you trust implicitly.

Wear Sunscreen

Mother Earth’s atmosphere is changing, and harmful UV rays are more intense now than they were a few decades ago. To avoid painful burns now and the risk of skin cancer later, make sure you apply a strong sunscreen before going out in the sun—both for you and the kids.

Protect Yourself Against Toxins

If you’re planning to participate in a cleanup effort on Earth Day—for example, picking up litter in a park, along the shoreline or by the roadways—be aware that some of this “litter” may be dangerous to touch—for example, shards of glass, used needles and other biohazards, etc. Wear protective gloves and shoes when performing cleanup. Educate children about items they need to avoid or leave to a grownup.

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