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09/08/21   |   By

When Doctors Become Patients: How Doctors Navigate Personal Health Care Issues — And What Patients Can Learn

Doctor and Nurse Discussion Emergency Room Negligence

How do doctors navigate personal health care? Conundrums abound in the health care sector, but one of the most common involves medical professionals’ struggle to take their own advice. Many […]

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06/09/21   |   By

Do Stressed Nurses Make More Errors? What The Latest Science Says

Stress and burnout are huge issues throughout the health care industry. Nurses, in particular, are vulnerable. They work long hours in physically and mentally demanding positions — often with little […]

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03/15/21   |   By

Surprising Dangers of Physical Rehab Centers

Physical rehab centers promise to promote long-term recovery, but research suggests that, for some patients, they may cause more harm than good. A 2016 report from the Department of Health […]

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03/05/21   |   By

Vitamin D Deficiency During the Winter: Why It Happens And How to Avoid It

The ‘typical’ American diet includes excessive amounts of sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats, while also falling short on several key nutrients. Vitamin D, in particular, tends to be in short […]

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11/02/20   |   By

When Should You Consider Getting a Second Medical Opinion?

You’ve visited your doctor in search of answers to your most urgent medical issues. Now, your gut tells you that their response was off. Intuition holds far more value than […]

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09/17/20   |   By

The Status of the COVID-19 Vaccine — And What to Know About Vaccine Safety: Part II

Vaccine Safety and Development in a COVID-19 World Vaccination remains our greatest source of hope during the current pandemic. However, the modern world is wrought with misinformation about vaccine safety […]

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03/12/20   |   By

Your Partner Or Spouse Was Just Hospitalized — What Should You Do Or Avoid Doing?

Few circumstances in a relationship are more frightening than helplessly watching as your partner suffers in the hospital. While you may feel powerless in such situations, your actions can make […]

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03/09/20   |   By

Avoiding Germs and Infections at the Hospital

The hospital may be our go-to destination for treating severe illnesses or injuries, but it can sometimes be the source of severe conditions. Alarming data from the Centers for Disease […]

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01/14/20   |   By

Your Parent Is Suddenly Sick And In the Hospital: What Can You Do to Provide Additional Protection?

The unfortunate reality of aging is that the caretaker eventually becomes the recipient. As an adult child with senior parents, this can be difficult to accept. This is never more […]

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01/07/20   |   By

Computer-Caused Medical and Prescription Errors — And What to Do About Them: Part 2

Electronic health records and other digital systems represent a major source of risk in today’s health care industry. With proper oversight, however, such concerns can be mitigated. In the first […]

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