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Dealing With Health Anxiety After a Bad Experience With a Doctor Or Nurse

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Visiting the doctor may not be a delightful experience, but it should, at minimum, be tolerable. If you’re like many patients, however, you dread annual physicals and other necessary appointments. This fear may stem from negative past experiences, which likely have left you feeling anxious about return trips. Outright avoidance is not a viable solution, however. Visiting the doctor is akin to maintenance on your vehicle; by stopping by regularly, you can avoid greater problems down the road. For the sake of your health, it is critical that you address your medical anxiety as soon as possible. These suggestions should help:

Choose a Doctor Who Specializes in Anxious Patients

Bedside manner is always important, but it’s that much more essential for fearful patients. Ideally, your doctor will have considerable experience working with those who struggle in health care settings. When scheduling your appointment, make your fears known — and explain that you would like to visit the doctor who is best known for his or her exceptional bedside manner.

Bring a Loved One For Support

There’s no need to face this challenging experience alone. It’s perfectly acceptable to bring a spouse, parent, sibling, or close friend along. This person could prove a valuable source of comfort both in the waiting room and as you discuss concerns with your doctor.

Focus On Your Breathing

When anxiety begins to take over, think about your breathing pattern. Short, shallow breaths may perpetuate feelings of helplessness. Instead, breathe slowly and steadily. Aim to fill your belly with each inhalation, rather than your chest.

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