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10/01/21   |   By

Are Washington DC Hospitals Safe?

Empty bed in a hospital ward

When you go to a hospital in Washington D.C., you expect the facility to adhere to minimum health and safety standards. Whether your visit is for a minor procedure or […]

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06/16/21   |   By

Transferring Hospitals? How Information Can Get Lost And Lead to Injuries

When you arrive at the hospital for treatment, you assume that you’ll stay there until you’re sent home. In reality, however, it’s common to visit multiple hospitals in succession or […]

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06/07/21   |   By

How to Choose the Best Hospital Near You

It’s never fun to think about future medical emergencies, but these situations are bound to arrive — and when they do, prior planning could make a huge difference. This is […]

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11/02/20   |   By

When Should You Consider Getting a Second Medical Opinion?

You’ve visited your doctor in search of answers to your most urgent medical issues. Now, your gut tells you that their response was off. Intuition holds far more value than […]

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07/30/20   |   By

Doctors, Nurses, And Other Healthcare Workers: Could Their Pandemic Burnout Put Patients At Risk?

  Far too many healthcare professionals suffered burnout long before coronavirus entered the lexicon. Today, however, overwork is even more of a threat. While demands vary between departments and facilities, […]

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04/14/20   |   By

Advocating for Yourself Or a Loved One If You Get the Coronavirus

While epidemiologists and politicians debate the best ways to address the pandemic on a societal level, individuals need guidance on how to handle personal emergencies. So much about the coronavirus […]

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02/02/20   |   By

How Often Do Doctors And Nurses Ignore Basic Safety Guidelines?

Today’s medical professionals undergo extensive training to prepare them for the complicated techniques and procedures that have become so common in the modern world of health care. Many, however, seem […]

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08/28/19   |   By

How the Graying of the Baby Boom Generation Will Strain Our Health Care Infrastructure

Millennials may be poised to overtake Baby Boomers in terms of population. Even as they age, however, the Boomers’ influence cannot be denied. This is unfortunately most true in terms […]

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08/23/19   |   By

How Virtual Reality Is Already Changing Health Care

New technologies such as 3D imaging and robot-assisted surgery have dramatically altered the health care industry in the last few years. Further changes are on the horizon, with some holding […]

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08/01/19   |   By

How to Know Whether Your Hospital Is Great, Bad, or Somewhere In Between

United States hospitals vary dramatically in quality. Some maintain an exceptional standard of care, while others exhibit shocking negligence on a daily basis. Don’t assume that your hospital is the […]

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