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Your New Baby’s in the NICU — Tips for Being Vigilant and Ensuring Good Care for Your Infant

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Few parents expect their newborns to end up in the NICU, and yet, estimates indicate that at least 10 percent of newborns find themselves there. Reasons for visiting the NICU can vary, but often involve premature birth, breathing irregularities, birth defects, or heart problems. This process is overwhelming, but your vigilance can ensure a positive outcome. Follow these tips to ensure quality care:

Get Familiar With Your Child’s NICU Team

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourselves to the professionals working in NICU. During this critical time, it’s imperative that you act as an advocate for your baby; you’ll be far more effective in this regard if you establish relationships with those who can make a difference.

Ask Questions

Not sure how your baby is being cared for or why specific procedures are warranted? Speak up. The better you understand what’s happening, the more capable you are of sounding the alarm if a particular approach makes you uncomfortable. Furthermore, a thorough understanding of your baby’s condition now will help you provide quality at-home care later.

Take Care of Yourself

As parent, it’s tough to provide for your baby’s needs if you are run down from the beginning. While sleeplessness is only natural in this situation, you need as much rest as possible to ensure that you’re fully prepared when it’s finally time to go home. It’s tempting to watch your baby at all times, but it’s better to trust NICU to provide quality care while you escape for the occasional recharging session.

Stress is inevitable when your baby is in NICU, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Make the most of this time to ensure that your child receives the best care — and the best start to life outside of the womb — possible.

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