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How Often Do Doctors And Nurses Ignore Basic Safety Guidelines?

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Today’s medical professionals undergo extensive training to prepare them for the complicated techniques and procedures that have become so common in the modern world of health care. Many, however, seem to have forgotten the basic safety protocol that have always been essential for maintaining a safe and hygienic environment.

Patients are often shocked by the extent to which health care professionals neglect even the most elementary guidelines — and you’ll be as well, once you’ve seen the statistics outlined below.


It goes without saying that all health care workers — and really, anybody who enters a hospital or clinic — should wash their hands regularly. In reality, however, research from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center reveals hand-washing compliance rates of just 57 percent. Worse, yet, this study suggests compliance rates of just 22 percent among hospital volunteers. The good news? Both employees and volunteers are far more likely to wash their hands if they know that they’re being watched.

Working While Sick

Doctors and nurses should be the first employees to take off work when they feel sick, right? Apparently, they don’t seem to agree. In a survey of 474 physicians conducted by UC Irvine Health, 96 percent of respondents admitted that they would work if they exhibited the symptoms of a cold — and 54 percent would even continue to work if they suffered vomiting. Those involved in surgery or emergency medicine are the most likely to continue working while sick.

Do you suspect that your doctor or nurse’s failure to abide by basic safety guidelines put you or a loved one in harm’s way? You deserve justice — and you’re more likely to secure exactly that when you work with Regan Zambri Long PLLC. Reach out today to learn more about our medical malpractice services.

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