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06/27/21   |   By

The Gender Gap in Medical Trials: What to Know

When you examine medical research — or place your trust in health care providers who delve into this research on your behalf — you trust that experts have taken every […]

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06/09/21   |   By

Do Stressed Nurses Make More Errors? What The Latest Science Says

Stress and burnout are huge issues throughout the health care industry. Nurses, in particular, are vulnerable. They work long hours in physically and mentally demanding positions — often with little […]

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06/07/21   |   By

How to Choose the Best Hospital Near You

It’s never fun to think about future medical emergencies, but these situations are bound to arrive — and when they do, prior planning could make a huge difference. This is […]

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03/25/21   |   By

The Biggest Doctor-Related Safety Issues of 2021: Part II

  There’s finally light at the end of the tunnel, but even as we approach the end of the COVID pandemic, doctors and their patients face a variety of alarming […]

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03/22/21   |   By

How Prevalent Are Psychological Issues Among Doctors And Nurses — And How Dangerous Are These For Patients?

  Today’s doctors, nurses, and other health care workers face a variety of stressors. Issues such as understaffing and overwork can exacerbate existing mental health concerns or even prompt the […]

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10/08/20   |   By

Hospitals Are Taking a Financial Hit Due to COVID — Does This Make Them Less Safe?

  The widespread economic impact of COVID caused damage in virtually every industry imaginable. The health care sector, in particular, has dealt with major losses, prompted by a reduction in […]

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08/21/20   |   By

COVID-19 and the Increased Risk of Medical Errors

Could Doctors or Nurses Be Too Distracted By COVID-19 to Provide Proper Care For Non-COVID Patients? Health care professionals face a heavy burden in a time of COVID. Every day, […]

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07/30/20   |   By

Doctors, Nurses, And Other Healthcare Workers: Could Their Pandemic Burnout Put Patients At Risk?

  Far too many healthcare professionals suffered burnout long before coronavirus entered the lexicon. Today, however, overwork is even more of a threat. While demands vary between departments and facilities, […]

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07/27/20   |   By

Quarantine Era Surgery And Diagnostic Delays: What Dangers Do They Cause?

  In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, several quarantine initiatives placed a moratorium on elective surgeries and other healthcare procedures. Additionally, many patients replaced traditional in-person checkups with […]

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07/23/20   |   By

Why Doctors Don’t Listen to Patients — And What You Can Do About It

  Excellent bedside manner is crucial in healthcare, and yet, many doctors fail to grant patients the respect and consideration they deserve. Not only is this distressing on an emotional […]

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