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Hitting the Road As Lockdown Ends: A Reminder about Defensive Driving

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Irresponsible drivers abound even during the best of times. Unfortunately, road-based negligence is all but guaranteed to take over as quarantine restrictions begin to ease up. After over two months of staying at home, local drivers are eager to hit the road — and if you expect them to behave, you’re in for a nasty surprise. If anything, they’ll be far worse now that they’ve had time to get rusty. Defensive driving is more important than ever. You can’t control how others behave behind the wheel, but you can at least be wary of their worst impulses. These tactics will keep you safe as you get back on the road.

Ditch the Distractions

Texting while driving is always a bad idea, but this common behavior will be even more dangerous in the aftermath of quarantine. As erratic drivers take over, it is imperative that you maintain the ability to respond to split-second developments behind the wheel.

Add Extra Following Time

When in doubt, keep plenty of space between you and the next vehicle. This will ensure that, in the event the other driver suddenly brakes, you can react in a way that lessens the impact or avoids a crash altogether. While the ideal following time will vary somewhat based on the location and speed limit, three seconds should be the absolute minimum.

Check Your Route

Between construction and altered driving patterns, your usual route may no longer get you where you need to go. Sudden surprises could make it more difficult to deal with already worrisome issues on the road. Check in advance to ensure that you understand your route and feel comfortable with it.

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