Defective Products

10/29/19   |   By

Preventing Halloween Costume-Related Injuries

When you picture top Halloween safety issues, you probably imagine drunk drivers or laced candy. In reality, however, the very costumes your children wear while trick-or-treating may pose the greatest […]

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06/10/19   |   By

Federal Appeals Court Rules Amazon Not Liable for Defective Third-Party Products

In 2014, a Maryland couple’s house was burned down by a headlamp purchased on Amazon. The couple sued Amazon for damages, but Amazon asserted that the Chinese company that manufactured […]

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05/22/19   |   By

Metro Removes and Subsequently Reinstates 3000-Series Cars

On Tuesday, the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (“Metro”) took all of its 3000-series cars out of service after receiving a report that a car door had slid open on […]

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04/30/19   |   By

Replacement Takata Airbag Recall: What You Need to Know (Part II)

Honda recently issued a recall of vehicles equipped with replacement Takata airbags, but this is far from the first time Takata and Honda have faced issues — and it’s just […]

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04/22/19   |   By

New EPA Restrictions on Methylene Chloride: What Is It and Why Is It Dangerous?

From bathtub refinishing to furniture stripping, methylene chloride takes center stage in a variety of household projects. Increasingly, however, health authorities are alerting the public to the substance’s dangers — […]

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10/22/18   |   By

Nootropics: How Safe Are They, Exactly?

In a competitive workforce and academic sphere, employees and students are more desperate than ever to gain an edge on the competition. Several believe that nootropics — drugs specifically designed […]

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10/18/18   |   By

Is the E-Cigarette Trend Actually an Epidemic?

Cigarette smoking has seen huge declines in the last few decades, only to be replaced by an alarming alternative: e-cigarettes. Marketed as safer, these battery-operated devices allow users to inhale […]

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07/25/18   |   By

The Surprising Hazards of Scooters

Kids’ toys frequently make headlines because of recalls, faulty parts and choking hazards. There’s something terrifying about the idea that the things we buy for our little ones might harm […]

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07/12/18   |   By

Which Pieces of Medical Equipment Frequently Malfunction?

Medical devices serve a vital role. When operated effectively, they preserve patient health, minimize suffering and reduce cost of care. But they don’t always work as intended. In fact, devices […]

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06/27/18   |   By

NHTSA Warns Ford and Mazda Pickup Truck Owners of Dangerous Defect

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a serious warning for vehicle owners with 2006 Ford Ranger and 2006 Mazda B-Series pickup trucks. Both vehicles are under recall because […]

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