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The Surprising Hazards of Scooters

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Kids’ toys frequently make headlines because of recalls, faulty parts and choking hazards. There’s something terrifying about the idea that the things we buy for our little ones might harm them in an unforeseen way. This fear is not without merit. Manufacturers, for instance, are not always meticulous when it comes to quality control.

But choking hazard components and unexpectedly sharp pieces aren’t the only scares. In fact, an innocuous-seeming item—the classic children’s scooter—causes a shocking amount of damage.

Scooter Injury Statistics

The kick scooter surged in popularity around 2000, thanks in large part to marketing efforts from a key manufacturer, Razor. Recent research suggests that this toy’s introduction may be responsible for up to 40% of the increase in toy-related injury rates between 1990 and 2011. In 2011 alone, 195,363 children headed to the emergency room as a result of scooter injuries. Falls and accidents are the most common scooter injury, in spite of visible messaging about helmets. (In fact, Razor recommends that kids wear elbow and knee pads in addition to helmets.) The most common scooter injuries include lacerations, abrasions and fractures.

What Parents Can Do

Here are some critical basics:

  • Teach your children to play safely near roads. Make sure they play only in low-traffic areas, not near busy intersections.
  • Dress them in highly visible clothing. Limit scooter time at dusk/evening and during inclement weather.
  • Use discretion when purchasing a scooter. Make sure the toy is age-appropriate; younger kids are at higher risk of injury from wheeled toys and bicycles. Some models have larger safety wheels for improved balance.
  • Make sure your child uses a properly fitted helmet and other safety gear.
  • Keep your child away from peers who push them to engage in daredevil activities.

If your child got hurt riding a scooter or suffered injury in a motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible to obtain compensation to pay for medical bills. We’re here to help. Call our Washington D.C. personal injury attorneys to learn your potential next steps.



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