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12/04/20   |   By

A Review of Fireplace Safety Tips

  Wintertime is usually filled with snow days, hot coco, warm fuzzy socks, and gathering around the fireplace to listen and sing holiday songs with the family. Although this year […]

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12/27/19   |   By

Top Black Ice Dangers — And What to Do About Them

Winter weather sparks its fair share of grumbling, but some conditions extend beyond annoying to prove downright dangerous. Black ice, in particular, places drivers and pedestrians at risk. It can’t […]

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12/20/19   |   By

Frost on the Roads: Identifying the Dangers and Navigating Around Them

Believe it or not, there’s plenty to love about the cold season. Road conditions, however, do not belong on that list of positives. With the end of summer construction comes […]

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03/11/18   |   By

Safety Tips for Driving in Sleet and “Wintry Mix” Weather

It is important to know safety tips for driving in sleet and “wintry mix” weather. February and March are unpredictable times for the weather in the DC area. While driving […]

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01/24/17   |   By

6 Fireplace Safety Tips That Homeowners Forget Too Often

Winter means cozy gatherings around the fire, hot cocoa and stories of epic snowball fights. Many people decorate their fireplaces for the holidays and use them to keep warm during January, February and beyond.

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01/18/17   |   By

Preparing Your Car For Winter And Winter Driving Guidelines

Driving in the winter presents numerous serious (and underappreciated) hazards. Proper preparation, good judgment, and vigilance can help you steer clear of accidents this winter, but you can never really anticipate the actions of other drivers.

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