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Top Black Ice Dangers — And What to Do About Them

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Winter weather sparks its fair share of grumbling, but some conditions extend beyond annoying to prove downright dangerous. Black ice, in particular, places drivers and pedestrians at risk. It can’t always be avoided, but preventative efforts can at least reduce the risk of spin-outs or falls.


With black ice, the cliche of an ounce of protection being worth a pound of cure definitely applies. Some areas are more prone to black ice than others — and should be handled accordingly. Tree-lined roads and other areas lacking sunshine are particularly vulnerable. Lesser-traveled roads tend to form more black ice than their busy counterparts.

When driving after dark or in unfamiliar territory, the hazards of black ice can best be mitigated by driving slow. This will reduce the need for sudden braking, which is often a chief culprit in black ice spin-outs. If you hit a patch of ice and begin to lose control, avoid braking or jerking on the steering wheel.

Pedestrian Activities

The walk from your door to your vehicle could prove nearly as treacherous as your journey behind the wheel. Black ice may form on your sidewalk or driveway — and with short days forcing you to leave and return home after dark, you might struggle to spot the most hazardous areas.

Consider taking a proactive approach with rock salt, sand, or even non-clumping kitty litter. Each method, however, holds its own unique benefits and downsides. Keep the potential for animal harm and rust in mind as you apply rock salt. Otherwise, rails and shoes with excellent traction can go a long way in preventing falls.

You make every effort to keep your environment safe during the winter — and ideally, the roads and business premises you frequent will be just as free of hazards. If, however, negligence causes you to suffer, don’t hesitate to seek legal assistance from the personal injury team at Regan Zambri Long PLLC.

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