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03/22/21   |   By

Understanding the Key Differences Among the Main Vaccines

With three main vaccines available in the United States, Americans are now being inoculated at a staggering pace. Some, however, are wary of the vaccines simply because they don’t understand […]

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02/24/21   |   By

Long-Haul COVID: What Is It and Why Should We Be Alarmed? Part I

  Throughout the early days of the pandemic, we largely focused on the urgent issues brought about by the disease, and for good reason: the rates of infection, hospitalization, and […]

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12/23/20   |   By

What You Need to Know About the Recently Released COVID Vaccines: Part II

  Throughout the ordeal of living through a pandemic, we’ve placed our hope in the development of several vaccines at breakneck speed. Most people, however, have no idea how these […]

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12/22/20   |   By

What You Need to Know About the Recently Released COVID Vaccines: Part 1

  After nearly a year of dealing with COVID in the United States, there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. Multiple vaccines have been approved for emergency use […]

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11/25/20   |   By

What Are the Most Promising COVID Treatments in Development?

As we await the release of the highly-anticipated COVID vaccine, we’re learning more about the top treatments for severe cases. Certain medications and therapies can dramatically improve outcomes for vulnerable […]

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11/20/20   |   By

Understanding the Differences Among Influenza, COVID, And the Common Cold

  Experts and ordinary individuals alike draw comparisons between COVID and the prominent form of influenza with which we’ve dealt with for generations. These are sometimes useful, as some of […]

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11/16/20   |   By

The Great Barrington Declaration And COVID: Part I

  The COVID pandemic has sparked contentious debates about the balance between reducing the spread of the disease and avoiding the unintended repercussions of lockdown. The original quarantine, although necessary […]

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08/07/20   |   By

Mental Health Tips And Resources For Those Stressed During the COVID Era

  Mental health problems were common prior to the coronavirus pandemic, but they’re even more prevalent now that COVID has taken over. According to the Healthline Mental Health Index, 45 […]

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08/05/20   |   By

Safety Tips for Reintroducing a Nanny Into Your Life After Quarantine

  As quarantine draws to a close, you may need to return to work or otherwise spend more time outside of the home — and away from your children. Now, […]

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07/30/20   |   By

Doctors, Nurses, And Other Healthcare Workers: Could Their Pandemic Burnout Put Patients At Risk?

  Far too many healthcare professionals suffered burnout long before coronavirus entered the lexicon. Today, however, overwork is even more of a threat. While demands vary between departments and facilities, […]

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