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Do’s And Don’ts For Getting a Second Opinion From Another Doctor

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You respect your doctor’s opinion but aren’t so sure that you agree. While it’s tempting to play along, your gut may be more accurate than you suspect; a notable Mayo Clinic study reveals that 88 percent of those who seek additional opinions for complex conditions obtain either a new or refined diagnosis. Unfortunately, seeking a second opinion can be challenging even if you’re ordinarily assertive. If you’re reluctant to speak up, these do’s and don’ts might help:

Don’t: Avoid Speaking Up For Fear of Being Too Demanding

If you’re dealing with a serious illness or condition, don’t keep quiet when you suspect that something’s wrong. It’s possible to be polite and proactive. Your doctor regularly faces second opinion requests, so your query is not likely to cause considerable offense. In fact, skilled doctors favor second opinions because they hope to obtain confirmation of their initial diagnosis and treatment plan.

Do: Share Your Plans With Your Primary Physician

Don’t ghost your doctor in hopes of finding a preferable answer without facing a difficult confrontation. This approach might seem easier, but it could significantly impact your medical records. This, in turn, could lead to unexpected trouble down the road. Your current honesty and transparency could lead to an open discussion between doctors — and ideally, a better medical outcome.

Don’t: Visit Somebody at the Same Clinic

Institutional culture can play a significant role in medical decisions, so you’re not likely to hear anything different from a second doctor at your current clinic. Instead, opt for a different facility. Check first, of course, that it’s covered by your health insurance provider.

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