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02/13/20   |   By

What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Do you feel moody, tired, or overwhelmed during specific times of the year? If so, you may suffer from a mental health issue that plagues millions of Americans: seasonal affective […]

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02/10/20   |   By

Skiing And Snowboarding Safety Tips You Might Not Already Know About

Winter activities may be exciting, but they’re also dangerous. Experts at the Center for Injury Research and Policy highlight the wrists and arms as chief areas of injury for snowboarders, […]

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02/05/20   |   By

Protecting the Elderly And Other Individuals From Hypothermia During the Winter

Hypothermia fatalities are on the rise, with seniors proving especially vulnerable. Data from the Centers for Disease Control indicates that, while the general population suffered a hypothermia-related fatality rate of […]

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12/20/19   |   By

Frost on the Roads: Identifying the Dangers and Navigating Around Them

Believe it or not, there’s plenty to love about the cold season. Road conditions, however, do not belong on that list of positives. With the end of summer construction comes […]

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03/06/19   |   By

How You Can Avoid a Car Accident While Driving in the Snow

Washington D.C. is known for its brutal winters, and the city is no stranger to heavy snow and possible storms. Extreme winter weather can bring an increase in car accidents […]

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02/25/19   |   By

Winter Can Be Hard on the Heart

The cold and the snow of common with winter weather can also be health hazards. The cold air can decrease oxygen flow to the heart by constricting blood vessels. Even […]

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02/18/19   |   By

Staying Safe During Extreme Cold Temperatures

Much of the United States recently experienced extremely cold temperatures. The Polar Vortex can be quite dangerous – many people risk serious health conditions, such as hypothermia, during these cold […]

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02/07/18   |   By

Why You Should Be Cautious Around Frozen Bodies of Water

Freezing weather conditions may create safety hazards that can harm you or cause property damage. For instance, we recently discussed how you could cause a house fire by improperly heating […]

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