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10/01/21   |   By

What Is Informed Consent, and Why Is It Important?

Hand of man signing signature filling in application form document

Going to a hospital or an emergency healthcare provider can be an overwhelming experience for many people. Often, you’re asked to fill out reams of complicated paperwork while you are […]

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06/16/21   |   By

Transferring Hospitals? How Information Can Get Lost And Lead to Injuries

When you arrive at the hospital for treatment, you assume that you’ll stay there until you’re sent home. In reality, however, it’s common to visit multiple hospitals in succession or […]

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01/04/21   |   By

How Medical Record Errors Can Put You in Danger — And How to Protect Yourself Against Them

Today’s digital resources allow for the seamless input, transfer, and retrieval of key medical information at clinics and hospitals. This facilitates more efficient and accurate care for patients. Unfortunately, even […]

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12/02/19   |   By

How And Why Nurses Get Overworked, Overwhelmed, And Undersupported — And What This Means For Your Health

Nursing isn’t for the faint of heart. This admirable, but challenging profession can take both a physical and mental toll on hardworking nurses, who often lack the support they so […]

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11/19/19   |   By

What Happens When an EMT Makes a Medical Error Or Commits Negligence?

Medical negligence is typically associated with doctors, nurses, and other hospital-based professionals. Often, however, the most devastating acts of negligence occur long before patients reach the emergency room. Like any […]

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10/01/19   |   By

Practicing Medicine While Distracted: How Ubiquitous Cell Phone Use Impacts Health Practitioners And Places You at Risk — Part 2

Distraction is a big deal in the health care industry. In the first portion of this two-part series, we delved into the many ways in which constant technological distractions can […]

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09/30/19   |   By

Practicing Medicine While Distracted: How Ubiquitous Cell Phone Use Impacts Health Practitioners And Places You at Risk — Part 1

Mobile devices are increasingly prominent in health care settings, where doctors and nurses increasingly use iPads to update patient information or access critical records. But while mobile devices can dramatically […]

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08/01/19   |   By

How to Know Whether Your Hospital Is Great, Bad, or Somewhere In Between

United States hospitals vary dramatically in quality. Some maintain an exceptional standard of care, while others exhibit shocking negligence on a daily basis. Don’t assume that your hospital is the […]

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05/17/19   |   By

How Meditation Can Help Medical Professionals Avoid Mistakes

Today’s health care workers face unprecedented levels of stress, with many turning to alcohol, food, or other unhealthy behaviors to cope. In the midst of these issues, it’s no wonder […]

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08/09/10   |   By

Lab Errors: These Mistakes Can Be Deadly | DC Metro Area Medical Malpractice Law Blog

An article in the Boston Globe last week, by Jonathan Salzman,  reports that a lawsuit has been filed by a patient who had surgery to remove his prostate after being […]

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