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02/25/19   |   By

Electric Scooters Are Sending People to the Emergency Room

Scooters are becoming more and more popular, especially in cities, where commuters might find a car to be inconvenient. A scooter allows for rapid transit along city streets without the […]

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09/28/18   |   By

What Parents of Newly Minted Drivers Can Do to Protect Their Teens

Your teenager recently aced parallel parking and the rest of the driver’s test. Now, it’s time to hit the road. As parent, however, you’re naturally wary. After all, car crashes […]

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09/26/18   |   By

Safe Driving Apps: Do They Really Work?

Distracted driving is a huge public hazard; the National Safety Council reports that distracted drivers cause 1.6 million crashes annually. According to tech gurus, however, the very devices that distract […]

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06/29/18   |   By

Bike Safety Guidelines for Kids and Adults

Between the warm weather of summer and the desire to get in shape while cutting fuel costs, children aren’t the only ones riding bikes in traffic these days. Even when […]

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06/08/18   |   By

Autonomous Car Crashes: What Causes Them?

Some would say it was bound to happen eventually. In March, the ridesharing platform Uber made the news in spectacular fashion when one of its self-driving prototype vehicles struck and […]

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06/06/18   |   By

Why Summer Is the Deadliest Season for Teen Driving, and How to Stay Safe

As we come into the summer months, AAA offers a sobering warning: Memorial Day kicks off the 100 deadliest days of the year for teen drivers, as CNN reports. Over […]

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05/22/18   |   By

Memorial Day Weekend Safety Reminders for 2018

Memorial Day weekend hails the unofficial start of summer, and millions of people will be hitting the highways, airports, campgrounds and beaches to celebrate the occasion. However, here’s a startling […]

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05/14/18   |   By

Statewide Program in Virginia to Improve Teen Driving Safety

Youth of Virginia Speak Out About Traffic Safety and Virginia State Police have launched a competitive program to improve teen driving safety. The “Arrive Alive” program began on March 19 […]

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04/27/18   |   By

Bicycle Safety—How to Avoid “Dooring” or Being “Doored”

  One of the greatest fears of bicyclists—and with good reason—is the fear of being “doored” while riding a bike in traffic. Dooring is what happens when a driver or […]

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01/26/17   |   By

Sensible Guidelines for Bike Commuting

Many people are eschewing traditional forms of transportation and commuting to work via a bicycle. Not only does biking help people stay fit and healthy, but this way of getting around also conveniently reduces your carbon footprint and helps you save on fuel costs.

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