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12/30/20   |   By

The Biggest Auto Accident Stories of 2020

  While COVID-prompted remote work has some of us staying at home and away from our local freeways, negligent drivers are as common as ever in 2020. If anything, negligence […]

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12/15/20   |   By

How to Drive Safely This Winter

As fall turns to winter, safe driving becomes more of a challenge. Amidst all the festivities, it is easy to forget about the precautions you should take to prepare your […]

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11/25/19   |   By

The Most Dangerous Places on Black Friday — And How to Stay Safe

There is more to Black Friday than discounts alone. This post-Thanksgiving occasion has become a huge cultural phenomenon, capable of rousing people from their turkey-induced slumber to fight cold weather, […]

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11/22/19   |   By

Driving Dangers Before and During the Thanksgiving Holiday

  As one of the year’s biggest travel holidays, Thanksgiving prompts its fair share of traffic headaches. It’s only natural to grumble about gridlock, but traffic is not the only […]

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09/04/19   |   By

Commonly Confusing Driving Situations: How to Handle Them the Right Way

The open road can be a confusing place. Unfortunately, many of the most perplexing circumstances behind the wheel are rarely discussed in driver’s training. These issues are even more likely […]

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08/22/19   |   By

The Essential Safety Checklist For Long Road Trips

The road trip is a classic American tradition that allows travelers to explore routes and attractions far away from home. But while road trips can bring an appealing sense of […]

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08/09/19   |   By

How Self-Driving Vehicles Endanger Pedestrians: Part II

In the first part of our series on self-driving vehicles, we examined a few of the main factors that underlie pedestrian-related accidents. Now, we’ll take a closer look at the […]

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08/07/19   |   By

How Self-Driving Vehicles Endanger Pedestrians: Part I

Self-driving vehicles are poised to take over our roads in the near future. While preliminary research suggests that they will reduce accidents by removing human error from the equation, they […]

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07/20/19   |   By

What UBER Does to Protect Riders

Ridesharing is gaining in popularity every day, but many riders are wondering what exactly UBER is doing to protect them. With tales of women being sexually harassed or raped, drivers […]

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07/08/19   |   By

Electric Scooter Safety in the District

It’s nearly impossible to walk around the streets of DC today and not encounter people riding electric scooters. This relatively new addition to transportation has changed the way transit in […]

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