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08/26/21   |   By

What We Know About the Delta Variant: An Executive Guide

After more than a year of dealing with COVID, a newfound sense of optimism began to take over a few months ago. Vaccinations were available, case counts were low, and […]

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08/03/21   |   By

Post-COVID Stress And Burnout Among Health Care Workers: How Does it Put Patients at Risk?

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, burnout was at an all-time high among health care professionals. This was abundantly clear in the survey “Coping with COVID,” which revealed that […]

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05/27/21   |   By

Memorial Day Travel: What to Know

Memorial Day 2021 Travel Tips As Memorial Day approaches, many American families are making their first weekend travel plans since the start of the pandemic. Though holiday traffic is still […]

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04/29/21   |   By

COVID As a Metabolic Wake-Up Call: What Is the Relationship Between Insulin, Blood Sugar, and Immunity? Part II

COVID-19 can cause a wide array of short and long-term health concerns, ranging from temporary shortness of breath to enduring brain fog. Many of these are poorly understood due to […]

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04/28/21   |   By

COVID as a Metabolic Wake-Up Call: What Is the Relationship Between Insulin, Blood Sugar, and Immunity? Part I

After over a year of battling the COVID pandemic, we are beginning to understand the implications of general health and wellness on the disease. Concerns such as metabolism and blood […]

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04/15/21   |   By

Playing Spring Sports While Social Distancing — How to Have Fun AND Stay Injury-Free

  Competitive and recreational sports are starting to return after a long COVID-prompted break. Athletes are eager to hit the field, but even in outdoor environments, some element of risk […]

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03/31/21   |   By

Adjusting to Society Opening Up After COVID — Tips for Staying Safe And Sane

  The light has finally arrived at the end of the long tunnel that is the COVID pandemic. The vaccine rollout is going better than expected — and millions of […]

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03/22/21   |   By

Understanding the Key Differences Among the Main Vaccines

With three main vaccines available in the United States, Americans are now being inoculated at a staggering pace. Some, however, are wary of the vaccines simply because they don’t understand […]

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03/05/21   |   By

Vitamin D Deficiency During the Winter: Why It Happens And How to Avoid It

The ‘typical’ American diet includes excessive amounts of sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats, while also falling short on several key nutrients. Vitamin D, in particular, tends to be in short […]

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02/25/21   |   By

Long-Haul COVID: What Is It and Why Should We Be Alarmed? Part II

  With up to ten percent of COVID patients impacted by a long-haul version of the disease, it’s clear that pandemic concerns won’t be immediately over once the vaccine is […]

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