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Car Accidents Caused by Elderly Drivers

Were You Injured in a Car Accident Involving an Elderly Driver?

Though we as a society try to protect our elderly neighbors, when you have suffered injuries and loss because of an accident with an elderly driver, they still should be held responsible for your suffering. A Washington, DC car accident lawyer at Regan Zambri Long can guide you through the legal process of a car accident involving an elderly driver to determine whether or not you have a case, and how much compensation you can recover.

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In a recent study by the RAND Corporation, drivers aged 65 and older are 16 percent more likely to cause a car accident, however, this is nowhere near the 188 percent risk drivers under the age of 25 hold. While elderly drivers may not be more likely to cause car accidents, they are more likely to suffer severe and even fatal injuries if they are involved in a collision.

While only two states require elderly drivers to retake road tests to renew their driver’s license, numerous factors can lead an elderly driver to become unsafe on the road. This includes factors like:

  • Changes in vision
  • Declines in cognitive abilities
  • Certain medication use
  • Being too frail to operate a vehicle
  • Some medical conditions
  • Previous involvement in car accidents
  • Unable to abide by speed limits, traffic signs, etc.

Causes of Car Accidents Caused by Elderly Drivers

While emotionally being involved in a car accident with elderly drivers can seem more complex than other car accidents, the reality is if the elderly driver caused the collision because of negligence, they should be held responsible for the damages caused.

  • Driving through a red light or failing to fully stop at a stop sign
  • Making improper left turns
  • Failing to use turn signals
  • Driving too slow or too fast
  • Braking unexpectedly
  • Being unable to determine the distance between cars
  • Changing lanes incorrectly
  • Driving the wrong way
  • Failing to yield
  • Driving at times of day where vision may be limited (ie. dusk, dawn, night, storms, etc.)
  • Health-related distractions or emergencies

Despite these causes of elderly car accidents seeming rather obvious, proving negligence can be difficult.

How to Prove Negligence Against an Elderly Driver

Car accidents caused by elderly driversAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2018, there were more than 45 million licensed drivers aged 65 and older in the United States. While these drivers have as much of a right to be on the road as younger drivers, the impacts of age on their bodies can impact their driving ability.

If you can prove that the elderly driver was unfit to be behind the wheel and their negligence is what caused the accident to occur (and resulting damages), you may be able to recover compensation. A car accident involving an elderly driver lawyer can help.

Ways your car accident lawyer can help include:

  • Reviewing your medical documents to determine short or long-term medical needs
  • Reviewing the medical records and accident reports from the elderly driver to determine if their health/age played a role in causing the accident
  • Collecting witness statements from those who were at the accident
  • Gathering other forms of evidence to prove the elderly driver was at fault

The evidence recovered to prove negligence will be used to show:

  • The elderly driver owed a duty of care to you and other drivers.
  • There was a breach of that duty.
  • The accident was a result of the breach.
  • You suffered damages as a result of the breach.

Know that collecting the needed information on your own can be tricky. But an elderly driver car accident lawyer can help.

What Compensation Can I Recover Against an Elderly Driver?

Just like any car accident in Washington, DC, VA, or MD, the compensation you may be entitled to will ultimately depend on the facts of your specific situation, along with the severity of your injuries.

Typically, you may be able to recover the following forms of compensation either from your insurance, or that of the elderly driver or via a personal injury lawsuit:

  • Medical bills for past, present, and future treatments, medications, etc.
  • Lost income and earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Property damage
  • Other out-of-pocket costs related to the accident

Remember that regardless of the age of the negligent driver, you must adhere to your state’s deadline to bring forth a claim with the insurance company(s) or a lawsuit. A car accident lawyer can help you take action against the negligent driver, gather evidence, and seek compensation for your losses.

How a Car Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers Lawyer Can Help You

Chris ReganAt Regan Zambri Long, we help car accident victims who have been injured as a result of a collision with an elderly driver. Our attorneys can guide you through the legal process, or completely handle it for you while you focus on recovery.

An elderly driver car accident lawyer can help you in the following ways.

Providing Legal Advice

The DC, VA, and MD car accident lawyers of Regan Zambri Long can determine if you have a claim against an elderly driver for negligence, as well as navigate the insurance companies’ settlement offers.

While you never are required to seek legal representation, you have a right to obtain a legal team during any point of the process.

Negotiate On Your Behalf

The insurance company will be the first step in seeking compensation. However, they will be working hard to offer you a settlement quickly that serves their interests–not yours.

Car accidents caused by elderly drivers lawyer will be able to negotiate settlements on your behalf.

Collect Evidence

Evidence is important whether you are seeking compensation from the insurance company or filing a lawsuit. A car accident attorney from Regan Zambri Long PLLC will take their decades of experience to collect witness testimony, collect details of the physical damage from the collision, and even recreate the accident if needed.

Calculate Damages

Not all losses following a car accident are obvious. A car accident lawyer will be able to determine the total value of your property damage, your current and long-term medical needs, and more.

Represent You in Court

While most personal injury claims are settled out of court, in the event you and the negligent driver cannot come to an agreement, Regan Zambri Long can represent you in the courtroom.

Don’t Delay if You Were Injured in a Car Accident Involving Elderly Drivers. Call Regan Zambri Long Today.

Regardless of the age of the drivers involved in a car accident, these collisions can be emotionally taxing. But, when a negligent driver is an elderly person, you may feel bad about seeking legal action against them. However, regardless of the elderly driver’s age, you must seek the compensation you need to recover from your accident.

At Regan Zambri Long, our car accidents caused by elderly drivers lawyers will determine if the elderly driver was unfit to be behind the wheel, was driving recklessly, or was negligent in other ways resulting in the collision.

For a no-obligation, free consultation, contact the car accident lawyers at Regan Zambri Long by calling 202-960-4596 or by contacting us online. We work on a contingency fee basis meaning there is no upfront cost to you. Act quickly to avoid missed deadlines in your state.

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