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Stay Safe and Have Fun This 4th of July

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Washington, DC is one of the best cities to celebrate our nation’s founding. Some of the celebrations, however, can result in easily preventable injuries. Here’s how to celebrate 4th of July this year while making sure you don’t get hurt enjoying the holiday.

BBQ’ing and Picnics

If you’re going to be cooking outdoors this holiday, make sure you follow basic safety tips when grilling. Over 7,000 people a year in the U.S. get injured by simple backyard grills. Making sure your grill station is prepared and safe is the best way to prevent unfortunate injuries from interrupting your celebrations.

  • Grill in an appropriate location, away from any other flammable materials or structures;
  • Make sure your grill is cleaned and the gas is working normally; malfunctioning grills can cause serious burn injuries;
  • Practice smart food safety by properly preparing and preserving food.

Fireworks Safety

Watching the fireworks display from the National Mall is a favorite tradition for many in Washington. Here is a guide for finding the best location to see fireworks displays in the Washington, DC areas. If you plan to set off any fireworks at home, make sure you read up on DC firework regulations to ensure your fireworks are appropriate for where you live. Recently two children in DC were severely injured by illegal fireworks. Many medium to large home fireworks are banned in the district, so be careful you are celebrating legally and safely.

  • When lighting fireworks, do so in an open location, away from any flammable materials;
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water on hand for emergencies;
  • Be mindful of neighbors if you are setting off fireworks late at night;
  • Any fireworks other than small sparklers, fountains, explosive caps, snakes, and a few others are banned;
  • For a full list of legal and illegal fireworks, visit the DC Police Department’s site.

Traveling on the 4th of July

If you are visiting friends or family for the festivities this year, remember these tips about traveling on the 4th:

  • Washington, DC and the surrounding municipalities host various parades each year, which close down certain streets from regular traffic. Make sure your route is clear of parade traffic if you plan on traveling during the day by checking for road closures here
  • Watch out for children: with all the BBQ’s and fireworks outside, there will likely be more kids out on the street. Drive slowly in residential neighborhoods and make sure your children are aware of traffic wherever you are celebrating
  • Look out for intoxicated drivers: the 4th of July is one of the deadliest days of the year for auto accident related fatalities, mostly from drunk driving

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