ClickCease Texting While Driving Truck Accidents

Texting While Driving Truck Accidents

Injured in a Texting While Driving Truck Accident?

These days, our phones are never far away from us. There have been many campaigns throughout the years to get people to put down their phones while driving. Unfortunately, they have been largely unsuccessful. Texting and driving is a type of distracted driving and it is deadly. Distracted driving killed over 3,000 people in 2020 alone and the trends are not going down.

If you or your loved one were injured in a truck crash caused by a distracted driver who was texting at the time of the crash, you need to speak with a Regan Zambri Long PLLC truck accident lawyer right away. With a personal injury lawyer by your side, you can recover compensation and the justice you deserve.

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Texting While Driving Truck Accident Attorneys

Don’t pay the consequences for someone else’s negligence.

If you were injured in a truck accident, the lawyers at Regan Zambri Long PLLC could help you take legal action. Below are a few verdicts and settlements that we have achieved on behalf of our clients.

$77M Wrongful Death Settlement
$20M Brain Injury Verdict
$19.5M Wrongful Death Verdict
$16M Premises Liability Settlement
$15.2M Wrongful Death Settlement
$15.2M Wrongful Death Verdict
$14M Personal Injury Settlement
$14M Car Accident Settlement
$11M Medical Malpractice Settlement

What Is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is doing another activity that takes your attention away from driving. There are three types of driver distractions. Texting while driving falls into all three categories:

  • Visually distracted driving: This is when the driver takes his or her eyes off the road (i.e. when you read a text, your eyes are on your cell phone and not on the road).
  • Manual distracted driving: This type of distracted driving is when the driver takes his or her hands off the wheel of the car (i.e. when you are texting and driving – your hands are on your cell phone, rather than the wheel of the vehicle.)
  • Cognitive distracted driving: This happens when the driver takes his or her mind off the task at hand, which should only be driving (i.e. when you are thinking about what a text said or what you will say in a text).

Texting while driving is a form of distracted driving that is extremely dangerous. No text is worth the risk of a terrible distracted driving crash. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) survey found that over 60% of drivers 18 and older admitted to texting while driving and emailing while driving in the last 30 days.

Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia have strict laws against distracted driving, especially when it comes to truck drivers. The Regan Zambri Long truck accident lawyers understand these laws and can use them to secure maximum compensation for your injuries.

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What Types of Truck Accidents Can Texting While Driving Cause?

When a driver takes his or her eyes off the road to glance at a text, even for a few seconds, they can cause a number of different truck crashes. The National Highway Safety Administration puts it this way: if a driver is going 55 mph and looks at their cell phone for five seconds, that is the same thing as driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed. The most common types of texting while driving accidents are:

  • Rear-end collisions: Rear-end crashes happen when a commercial truck driver hits a passenger car from behind. If traffic is building up ahead, but the truck driver is looking down at his cell phone, he is less likely to be able to stop on time, causing a rear-end collision.
  • Side-impact accidents: These are also known as T-bone accidents and happen when one vehicle crashes into the side of the other vehicle. If the commercial truck driver is texting as he approaches a four-way traffic light, the driver may run a red light, crashing into a vehicle traveling through the green.
  • Head-on collisions: These accidents are when two vehicles collide while moving in opposite directions. They are extremely dangerous and often fatal for occupants in the passenger car. If a distracted truck driver is texting and driving on a highway, they may unknowingly drift into the lane traveling in the opposite direction, causing a head-on collision.
  • Rollover accidents: These accidents are when the trailer of a tractor-trailer rolls over onto the road – either crushing vehicles beside it or causing a hazard that cannot be avoided. Rollover accidents can happen when a truck driver is concentrating on a text message rather than paying attention to the winding roads and steep curves.
  • Underride accidents: Underride accidents are some of the most dangerous for occupants in a passenger vehicle. This is when a car is either overtaken, or slides underneath the truck. If commercial truck drivers are distracted by texting and don’t see that traffic is stopped up ahead, they may not be able to slow down in time to avoid hitting the car in front of them.
  • Jackknife accidents: This is when a truck driver tries to brake too quickly while carrying a heavy load in a tractor trailer. The trailer will swing out perpendicular to the cab of the truck, making it look like a jackknife. When these accidents happen, they usually do damage and cause injuries to multiple vehicles and passengers. If a truck driver was texting while driving and suddenly realizes they have to come to a full stop, they may brake too quickly, causing the truck to jackknife and cause damage and injury to the drivers around them.
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Who Is Liable for a Texting While Driving Truck Accident?

The main liability lies with the distracted truck driver who allowed his or her focus to be taken off the road. However, there is usually more to a truck accident claim, which is why it is so important to have a seasoned lawyer by your side. The good thing is, that you are able to collect compensation from several parties if their negligence played a role in the crash.

Because injuries can be so severe in a distracted driving crash, your Regan Zambri Long attorney will pursue damages against as many parties who are responsible for your injuries – not only to hold them accountable, but to make sure your sudden and ongoing medical expenses are completely covered. There is no reason to go into financial debt for something that was not your fault.

In a texting while driving accident claim, your Regan Zambri Long truck accident lawyer may file a suit against the following parties:

Distracted Driving Truck Accident Lawyers in Maryland, DC, and Virginia

After seeking necessary medical attention, the most important thing to do is contact an experienced DC truck crash lawyer. We are fierce negotiators who will fight to protect your rights to compensation.

This means, that if you don’t win a fair settlement, we have the financial resources to take your case to court. Many smaller law firms in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas refer their clients to Regan Zambri Long because of our ability to take on large insurance companies.

You need to know that insurance companies are businesses first and foremost – they are not looking out for your best interest. They are looking out for their best interest. After being involved in a truck crash, you will be handled by an insurance adjuster.

An insurance adjuster is an employee of your insurance provider who has a job to offer you the lowest settlement possible. Many adjusters manipulate the facts, ask difficult questions, and pester you right after the accident (when you are in your most vulnerable state) to lowball you.

The attorneys at Regan Zambri Long have dealt with insurance providers for over 30 years – we know every trick they try to pull and we will not let that happen to you. When you work with one of our lawyers, we will handle the correspondence with the insurance company. You will never have to speak to anyone. Instead, you can focus on a full and complete recovery.

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Texting While Driving Truck Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What injuries can I sustain from a truck accident?

A: The injuries truck accident victims can sustain can be extremely severe, even life-threatening. A commercial vehicle can outweigh a normal passenger car by 23 times. The difference in weight and size makes the impact of the accident on the passengers in the car far more dangerous. Common injuries from a truck accident caused by distracted driving are:

Q: What are other causes of truck accidents?

A: Besides distracted driving, other major causes of truck accidents are:

Q: What are the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration truck regulations?

A: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is tasked with federally regulating all trucking companies and truck drivers in the United States. To make the roadways safe for all travelers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration put the following regulations on every single commercial vehicle in the DC Metro area and across the country:

Q: How do I file a claim in the DC Metro area?

There are varying laws throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. The Regan Zambri Long truck accident lawyers practice in all three jurisdictions and are deeply knowledgeable in the laws and insurance policies. Your Regan Zambri Long truck accident lawyer will take care of all the paperwork – we will make sure your claim gets filed properly and on time.

Statute of Limitations

Remember, the statute of limitations for personal injuries in Maryland and Washington DC is three years. In Virginia, a truck accident victim only has two years to file a claim against the negligent party. While that may seem like a long time, medical bills do not wait. It is in your best interest to hire a Virginia truck accident lawyer and get the claims process started as soon as possible.

Contributory Negligence

Another thing to keep in mind is that Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC are three of the five jurisdictions that still practice contributory negligence state law rather than comparative negligence law. The other two states that also practice contributory negligence are Alabama and North Carolina. Contributory negligence law states that if the victim filing that claim bears any responsibility in the crash, then the victim cannot collect any compensation for his or her injuries.

Comparative negligence law, which is a state law in every other jurisdiction in America, is when the claimant can collect partial compensation, even if he or she is partly liable for the crash. Defense lawyers in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC use contributory negligence law to get their clients out of doing what is right – paying fair compensation to the injured people due to their negligence.

Commitment to Fight for Injured Victims

The Regan Zambri Long law firm will work to make sure you cannot be held legally responsible for any part of the accident in a texting while driving truck accident case. We will obtain the police report, recover security footage, use eyewitness testimony, and photos and videos of property damage and injuries to prove you played no role in the crash. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to prove you have every right to the maximum amount of compensation.

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