ClickCease Red Light Truck Accidents and Injuries

Red Light Truck Accidents and Injuries

The Dangers of Running Red Lights

A truck accident can be devastating for the passengers in a regular car. The weight and size of a commercial vehicle can cause permanently debilitating, life-threatening injuries to the passengers in a regular car. Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety proves that occupants in a car are far more likely to die from the impact of a truck crash than truck drivers are, regardless of the type of crash. For the victims who survive, the road to recovery is long and difficult. That is where a Regan Zambri Long red light truck accident lawyer comes in.

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When a Truck Runs a Red Light the Results Can Be Catastrophic

If you or your loved one sustained serious injuries from a truck accident, reach out to a Regan Zambri Long personal injury lawyer for a free consultation. Our expert attorneys will provide legal guidance throughout the claims process and help you secure financial compensation.

$77M Wrongful Death Settlement
$20M Brain Injury Verdict
$19.5M Wrongful Death Verdict
$16M Premises Liability Settlement
$15.2M Wrongful Death Settlement
$15.2M Wrongful Death Verdict
$14M Personal Injury Settlement
$14M Car Accident Settlement
$11M Medical Malpractice Settlement

The team of legal experts at Regan Zambri Long have been successfully representing residents in the DC Metro Area for over 30 years. Our truck accident attorneys are deeply knowledgeable in Maryland, Virginia, and DC law as well as various insurance policies throughout all three jurisdictions. We know how to build a case to win. A Regan Zambri Long experienced red light truck accident lawyer will offer a free case review with clients to discuss every legal option and give you a reasonable assessment of what to expect from your injury claim.

Our lawyers work with medical consultants, accident reconstructionists, and expert witnesses to determine who was liable for the red light accident and to secure the maximum compensation available. We have secured millions for our clients and we are certain we could do the same for you.

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What Are the Main Types of Red Light Crashes

One of the most common red light accidents is a side-impact or a T-bone collision. This type of crash happens when one vehicle slams into the side of another. Think of how a four-way intersection moves. You have vehicles traveling north and south through one set of traffic lights and vehicles traveling east and west through the other set of traffic lights. If a commercial truck driver traveling north runs a red light and crashes into a car traveling west, the truck will likely hit the side of the passenger car, which can be fatal for the occupants inside.

Other types of accidents caused by running red lights are:

Common Reasons Truck Drivers Run Traffic Lights

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, in 2019 over 800 people were killed in car accidents that involved red-light running and unfortunately, that trend is not going down. The most common reasons truck drivers run red lights are:

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How Can I Pay My Medical Bills After a Truck Accident?

The cost of a serious injury is a burden on even the wealthiest individual or family. For TBIs or spinal cord injuries that cause paralysis, the victim may be on the hook for up to $1 million in the first year after the injury.

These injuries not only cost tens of thousands of dollars upfront but may cause ongoing medical bills if the injury is more critical. This is why it is absolutely essential to reach out to a Regan Zambri Long DC accident lawyer. We understand that no one can predict when they will get into a truck crash and therefore very few people are financially prepared.

A claim can help you offset the sudden medical treatment following your accident. If your injuries cause you to miss work, leave work, rearrange your household, or cause you to need outside help, compensation from the truck accident lawsuit can help with that, as well. While you are not required to have legal representation, the Regan Zambri Long accident lawyers understand DC, Virginia, and Maryland laws and apply them to your case so that you have a better chance of securing a higher settlement.

Our attorneys offer a free legal consultation where you will speak with an expert accident lawyer who will guide you through the claims process and discuss all your legal options. Call today for your free consultation.

Red Light Truck Accident Lawyer in DC, MD and VA

We will work tirelessly to secure fair compensation as quickly as possible and the Regan Zambri Long truck accident attorneys are aware that we are meeting you at the worst possible time in your life. While winning your case will meet your financial needs, our law firm is also dedicated to meeting your emotional needs, as well. We consider it our job to guide you through the legal process, informing you of every step of your case. Our law firm’s mission is to make ourselves available to you at all times – we know the stress you’re under and we want to help take the weight off your shoulders.

Our attorneys routinely named some of the best red light accident lawyers in Washington DC metro area, and have countless client testimonials thanking them not only for their hard work in securing compensation but also for their compassion. Our clients are made to feel seen, heard, and understood.

Common Injuries from Red-Light Truck Accidents

Commercial vehicles, especially while carrying cargo, can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. A typical passenger car is only about 3,500 pounds – that’s a difference of 23 times! The difference in the weight and size of a tractor-trailer can make all the difference in the harm it causes to the victims it crashes into. Victims are more likely to sustain serious injuries that could change the rest of their lives. The most common injuries truck accident victims face are:

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Traumatic brain injuries are sudden injuries that cause damage to the brain, usually resulting from a jolt or violent blow to the victim’s body. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle accidents make up at least 20% of all TBIs that happen every year. The truck accident victim’s recovery largely depends on the severity of the TBI. Milder forms of traumatic brain injuries (concussions) can take several weeks or a few months to fully heal.

A severe traumatic brain injury can take years to recover from. In many cases, a full recovery is not possible.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are when there is damage to the spine or nerves surrounding the spine. A spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis. Paralysis victims also suffer from muscle atrophy, spasms, twitching, and difficulty speaking, seeing, or eating. withdraw from society and life altogether.

Broken Bones/Fractures

Another common injury from a red light trucking accident is multiple broken bones or fractures. Depending on the severity of the broken bone, the victim may need surgery to fix it, causing them to be out of work for months at a time.

Organ Damage/Internal Bleeding

Not all wounds are visible. This is what makes organ damage extremely dangerous following a red light accident. The victim may not realize they are injured. If left untreated, the victim may go into multiple organ failure or bleed out. Many times, the victim will have to undergo major surgery to repair the ruptured organ.


There are several different kinds of commercial trucks that can run red lights and cause accidents. One type of truck is called a tanker truck, which transports gasoline. Because of the hazardous materials tankers carry, there is a likelihood that the crash may cause a fire. The occupants in the passenger vehicle may have a difficult time escaping if the car is crushed or if their injuries are serious, leading to severe burns or even death.


In trucking accidents, the car driver may suffer a crushed limb or an injury severe enough that the limb cannot be saved. Of course, this changes the life of the victim forever – lifestyle changes must occur including home modifications, work, and vehicle changes, and differences in how you do everyday tasks.

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Red Light Truck Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is liable for a truck accident?

A: The Regan Zambri Long truck accident lawyers will work with legal and medical experts, as well as law enforcement, to determine which party or parties are liable for the accident. After the determination is made, we will pursue damages against each liable party. In red light truck accident cases, the liable parties may be:

Q: How can I avoid a red light accident?

A: Although not every accident can be prevented, there are several steps you can take to travel as safely as possible from one destination to the next. The best ways to avoid red light truck accidents are:

Q: Will contributory negligence affect my case?

A: Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC still practice contributory negligence law, which states that if you had any responsibility in the accident, then you cannot claim damages. For example, if the truck driver runs a red light, but you were also speeding at the time of the accident, you could be held liable for part of the accident and not be allowed to recover compensation.

The Regan Zambri Long truck accident lawyers have seen defense attorneys use contributory negligence to try to get their clients out of paying what they rightfully owe and we will not let it happen to you. We will build a rock-solid case that proves you had no responsibility for the accident and that you deserve the highest amount of compensation.

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