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Bike Accident and Injury Lawyers in Washington, DC

We are dedicated to helping our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation for their bike accident injuries.

If you suffered injuries in a bike accident the attorneys at Regan Zambri Long PLLC can help you take legal action. Below are a sample of some of the verdicts and settlements we have achieved on behalf of our clients.

$77M Wrongful Death Settlement
$20M Brain Injury Verdict
$19.5M Wrongful Death Verdict
$16M Premises Liability Settlement
$15.2M Wrongful Death Settlement
$15.2M Wrongful Death Verdict
$14M Car Accident Settlement
$14M Personal Injury Settlement
$11M Medical Malpractice Settlement

Bicycling in Washington DC is a great way to avoid city traffic, stay fit, and reduce pollution in the environment. Nearly 5% of DC’s commuters now travel to work via bicycles. The District’s bikeshare program was founded in 2008 and now partners with Lyft to allow more cyclists to occupy the DC roadways. Washington DC is still trying to play catch up to the boom of bicycling as a main method of transportation. While lawmakers are working to make DC’s infrastructure safer for cyclists, it can still be quite dangerous to bike throughout the city. According to Vision Zero, more than 25% of all roadway deaths in DC are people walking or biking.

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Common Bike Accidents Caused by Drivers

Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. However, many bicycle accidents that happen on the road are due to the negligence of vehicle drivers. With the increasing number of bicycles in Washington DC, the number of ways a cyclist can be involved in a bike accident increases, as well.

The most common causes of bicycle accidents in Washington DC are:

  • The failure to yield the right of way
    “Right of way” means the right to go first in certain road situations when at least two road users can use the same space. According to DC law, bicycles have the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as motor vehicles. So, if the cyclist has the right of way at an intersection or merge, the car driver must yield. However, drivers often do not, which causes a collision with the cyclist.
  • The left cross bike accident
    These accidents occur when a driver makes a left hand turn across oncoming traffic and hits a cyclist that is riding in the opposite direction of the driver.
  • The right hook bicycle accident
    This type of bicycle accident happens when a driver makes a right hand turn and hits a cyclist that is traveling in the same direction. These accidents often happen in parking lots and driveways.
  • The dooring accidents
    Many times, a cyclist can get into an accident with a parked car. If the car driver suddenly opens their car door, an oncoming cyclist may not be able to swerve in time to avoid hitting it. Cyclists can be thrown over the door, causing severe injuries such as traumatic brain injuries and broken bones. There are also instances when cyclists swerve to avoid a car door opening and accidentally move into oncoming traffic, causing an accident.
  • The sideswipe accidents
    Sideswipe accidents are when drivers underestimate or misjudge the amount of space between their vehicle and the cyclist riding next to it. If they drive too closely to the cyclist, they run the risk of sideswiping them with their car, causing the cyclist to be knocked over by the impact of the vehicle.
  • The rear end bicycle accident
    These accidents occur when car drivers tailgate behind cyclists. Since the biker does not have the protection of the structure of a vehicle surrounding them, these accidents can be deadly. The cyclist may be thrown from the bike, or even fall under the moving vehicle after being hit.

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Bike Accident Injuries

Being involved in a bike accident is extremely dangerous for the cyclist, as they do not have any protection around them to absorb the impact of the bicycle crash. For this reason, cyclists suffer bicycle injuries that can have devastating, life-threatening, and potentially permanently debilitating effects.

Traumatic Brain Injuries
A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is an injury that disrupts normal brain function and is the direct result of a violent blow, bump, or jolt to the head. When TBIs cause hemorrhages, edema (swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the body), vascular damage, or intracranial pressure, it can leave the victim permanently debilitated or even cause death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 596,972 emergency room visits for bicycle-related TBIs occurred in the United States from 2009-2018.
The symptoms of traumatic brain injuries are:

The safest thing a cyclist can do is wear a helmet. Though helmets cannot prevent all traumatic brain injuries, it will help reduce the risk of brain trauma. If you suffered a traumatic brain injury, consider reaching out to the seasoned Regan Zambri Long bicycle accident attorneys who have years of experience in bicycle accidents that result in TBIs.

Concussions are a lesser, but still extremely serious form of a traumatic brain injury. This type of trauma is categorized as a minor blow to the head that could result in loss of consciousness and leave bicycle accident victims with cognitive symptoms for weeks or months following the accident. Some people experience a complication called post-concussion syndrome, which can negatively affect the victim’s life in a significant way for months after the accident. Symptoms of post-concussion syndrome are:

The Dangers of Distracted Driving to Cyclists

Distracted driving has become so common in the United States we, as drivers, barely notice our sole focus is not always on the road. In 2018, 1 in every 5 people killed by distracted driving were not in vehicles – they were walking, or riding a bicycle. Across the United States, over 400,000 people were injured due to an accident caused by distracted driving. The results of taking your focus off the road can be deadly – especially to a cyclist.

There are three types of distracted driving:

Manual distractions
These distractions are when you move your hands away from the wheel to do something else. This could be eating or putting makeup on while you’re behind the wheel.

Visual distractions
This is when you focus your eyes away from the road. This can happen when you’re speaking to a passenger in the car, either in the front or backseats.

Cognitive distraction
This type of distraction occurs when your mind wanders from the task of driving.

The use of your cell phone, whether it’s reading or sending a text message, checking email, or making a phone call, combines all three types of distracted driving. There are strict laws in Washington DC preventing residents from using cell phones while driving, but unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the many drivers.

Washington DC has seen an uptick in distracted riding by cyclists, as well. The National Institute of Health conducted a study that found 31% of cyclists were distracted while riding. While a bicycle cannot do as much damage as a regular motor vehicle, cyclists need to make sure their focus is entirely on the road in case drivers are not. Many accidents can be avoided if the cyclist pays attention and can anticipate what a motor vehicle operator may do.

If you or your loved one are bicycle accident victims and suspect it was the result of distracted driving, call Regan Zambri Long today for a free consultation. Distracted driving is illegal in Washington DC and the attorneys at Regan Zambri Long will make sure the party at fault for the bicycle accident is held responsible.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Accident Injuries and Causes in Washington, DC

Q: Who is liable for DC bike accident injuries?

A: In order to determine who is liable for a bicycle accident, a thorough investigation of the accident scene, accident report, and discussion with witnesses needs to happen. A Regan Zambri Long bicycle accident lawyer will be able to collect all relevant information pertaining to your bicycle accident case and determine the negligent party. It is important to note that Washington DC is one of the five jurisdictions that still practice Contributor Negligence laws. This means if you are found to be at all responsible, even partially, for the accident, then you cannot collect compensation. Call Regan Zambri Long today for a free case evaluation and an experienced attorney will be able to help you determine the party at fault.

Q: How can I prevent bicycle crashes in Washington, DC?

A: Both cyclists and vehicle drivers play a role in the prevention of bicycle accidents while traveling the DC roadways.

While riding bikes, the cyclist should:
To avoid colliding with a cyclist, drivers should:

Q: How can I prevent injuries or lessen the impact of an injury in a Washington, DC bike accident?

A: Protective cycling gear can greatly reduce injury to the bicyclist in the event of an accident. There are two main types of gear – one that the cyclist can wear and one that can be added to the bike.

Safety gear the bicyclist can wear includes:

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