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Helicopters are incredibly complex vehicles. If the smallest component fails, the outcome can be tragic. While there was a slight dip in fatality rates in 2019, the year 2021 saw an increase in deaths.The margin of error is so small, even the slightest mistake or mishap can cost the lives of everyone onboard the aircraft.

If you or your loved one were injured in a helicopter accident in Washington DC, contact the helicopter accident lawyers at Regan Zambri Long.

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Were You Injured in a Helicopter Accident?

Whether you are enjoying the DC sights on a sightseeing helicopter ride, a patient being transported at one of DC’s leading medical centers, a Washington DC reporter tracking down the latest news, or a business person or politician traveling to a meeting, you have the right to get to your destination safely. If you put your trust in a helicopter pilot, air traffic controller, tourist company, or aviation corporation, you have the right to seek compensation for any injuries you sustained while in their care.

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Our helicopter accident attorneys do not fear taking on large corporations with aggressive insurance providers. As an experienced personal injury firm with decades of litigation success, we have the financial backing to see your case through until the very end.

A helicopter crash is sure to have devastating effects on an individual and their families, but our expert lawyers can help. Call today for a free consultation and speak with a seasoned DC aviation lawyer who will seek justice and the compensation you deserve.

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How Do Helicopter Accidents Happen?

Helicopters have internal mechanisms inside the vehicle that needs to function exactly right to have a safe flight. When external factors are added to the equation (bad weather, human error, or equipment malfunctions) it can create a perfect storm. While accidents can happen for various reasons, the main causes of helicopter crashes are:

Design flaws/manufacturing defects

To function properly, each part of the helicopter needs to be designed and built correctly. The parts need to withstand harsh environments, intense pressure, and enormous amounts of stress. If a part is improperly made or poorly designed, it may fail mid-flight, causing a disastrous crash.

Pilot or operator error

Pilots should be trained for the worst to happen. That way, when errors and unexpected events occur, they may remain level headed while correcting the situation. When pilots are inexperienced, under the influence, or fatigued, deadly mistakes can happen. Too often, helicopter crashes are the result of a pilot failing to:

  • Follow basic safety measures, like following the Federal Aviation Administration regulations.
  • Follow the flight plan, or miscalculate the plan while in the air.
  • Fuel the helicopter properly before a flight.
  • Train properly.
  • Fly only in safe conditions.
  • Properly maintain or repair the helicopter.

Mechanical malfunctions

Ground maintenance crews are responsible for making sure the helicopter is in pristine condition before sending it out. Equipment should be thoroughly checked and tested for quality control before every flight. A helicopter may go down if a faulty piece of equipment was not repaired or replaced, or if parts were improperly installed.

Errors from air traffic control

Air traffic controllers have one of the most important jobs in the aviation industry. An air traffic controller is responsible for conveying flight patterns, traffic, and weather conditions to pilots. Errors an air traffic controller may make on the job are:

  • Falling asleep on the job.
  • Being impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • Allowing two or more helicopters to fly too closely together.
  • Misinterpretation of the radar.
  • Allowing a helicopter pilot to fly in poor weather conditions.
  • Allowing a pilot to land on a helipad that is not cleared for landing.
  • Improperly or inadequately communicating with pilots.

Electrical malfunction

Sometimes, helicopter accidents are caused by malfunctions in the electrical components of the aircraft. If an electrical source fails, it can affect the entire aircraft, which can lead to the vehicle going down.

Bad weather

Though pilots and air traffic controllers cannot control the weather, it is their job to study forecasts and discern if the aircraft can sustain the weather that is predicted in their area. Helicopters are more volatile than airplanes. Pilots should look out for high winds, heavy rain, lightning, sleet, snow, and fog. If any inclement weather is predicted, the pilot should put off the flight until conditions improve.

Other causes of helicopter accidents include:

  • Landing errors
  • Engine failure
  • FAA violations
  • Mistakes during takeoff
  • Improper loading
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Who is Liable for a Helicopter Accident?

Proving liability is one of the most challenging and critical components of any personal injury claim. That is why the first thing your Regan Zambri Long helicopter accident lawyer will do is determine who is at fault for the accident you were involved in. Once the determination is made, we will be able to move forward with the process and file a claim against the party or parties whose negligence resulted in the crash. The party or parties who may be liable for the helicopter crash are:

The pilot

Because of the proximity to the crash, the helicopter pilot is the most obvious contender. If the pilot was recklessly flying, operating the aircraft while under the influence, or ignoring dangerous weather patterns or conditions, then he or she will be held liable for the accident.

Aircraft manufacturers

If the helicopter crash was a result of a poorly designed or faulty part, the aircraft manufacturers can be held accountable for the accident. It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to make sure the parts created will sustain each flight and keep all passengers on board safe.

Helicopter charter companies

If you were involved in a crash involving a chartered helicopter, the company that rented the aircraft can be held liable for the accident. It is directly the responsibility of the company to ensure their aircraft are in top condition before sending them out on trips. Your lives are quite literally in their hands and their negligence can be the difference between life and death.

Maintenance crew

Helicopters should be inspected after every flight. It is the job of the maintenance crew to test parts and make sure the aircraft is functioning properly. If the crew is negligent and fails to inspect every single aspect of the aircraft, it can lead to a deadly accident.

Airport personnel/air traffic controllers

If your helicopter accident was caused by the negligence of an air traffic controller or another airport personnel, your Regan Zambri Long helicopter accident attorney will pursue damages against those individuals.

Common Injuries Associated with Helicopter Crashes

Injuries from a helicopter crash are often severe, if not fatal. The size, weight, and speed of the aircraft paired with the high altitude are oftentimes catastrophic for the passengers on board. It is extremely rare for helicopter accident victims to sustain only minor injuries. Many victims are left with life-threatening injuries and are often permanently debilitated. Injuries from a helicopter accident can include:

  • Blunt force trauma: Blunt force trauma is injuries that result from impact with a surface or object. These injuries would directly result from the impact of the aircraft crashing into the ground, a building, a mountaintop, or other structures.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Damaging any part of the spinal cord or nerves around the spinal cord can result in partial or complete paralysis.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI): Traumatic brain injuries occur when a violent jolt or blow causes damage to the brain. With little protection in the aircraft, the impact of the crash could easily result in severe brain injuries.
  • Broken bones/fractures: The most common areas impacted in helicopter accidents are the ribs, skull, and facial bones.
  • Internal bleeding/organ damage: The trauma of the collision can sever arteries and major organs in the body.
  • Burns: A fire may occur during or after the helicopter goes down, especially if the accident was caused by an electrical malfunction. Victims may face intense burns on top of the other physical injuries from the accident.
  • Lacerations and scarring: Debris may lacerate the victim’s body and face during the accident, causing disfigurement and scarring.
  • If you are a survivor of a helicopter crash in Washington DC and sustained any of these injuries, call Regan Zambri Long as soon as possible. Many of these injuries may have lifelong effects that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat. Our helicopter accident lawyers firmly believe you should not foot the bill for someone else’s negligence. We will work to secure the maximum amount of compensation to cover all medical expenses – current and future, so you and your family are not put in financial distress as a result of your helicopter accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Helicopter Accidents in Washington, DC

Q:What kind of helicopter accidents does a Regan Zambri Long helicopter crash lawyer handle?

A: While we will take on any accident necessary, the most common helicopter crashes in the DC area are:

Q: Who conducts helicopter accident investigations?

A: The National Transportation Safety Board, along with the Federal Aviation Administration, conducts investigations of helicopter accidents. Our helicopter accident lawyers will use the findings of the investigation, along with aviation experts, medical consultants, and other experts to make sure we are doing everything in our power to reach the desired verdict.

Q: What damages can I pursue if I have been involved in a helicopter crash?

A: Your Regan Zambri Long helicopter accident lawyer will pursue the following damages in your claim:

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