ClickCease What Are the Three Typical Product Liability Negligence Claims in Maryland?

What Are the Three Typical Product Liability Negligence Claims in Maryland?

Maryland Product Liability Claims

Think back to the last product you used: Was it safe? Did it do exactly what it promised? If not, and you were injured, you may have a case for product liability negligence in Maryland. The three most common types of product liability claims are defective manufacturing, defective design, and failure to warn.

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Product Liability Negligence: A Duty of Care

Consumers rightfully expect products to be safe when used as intended. This expectation translates into a legal duty for manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers throughout the distribution chain: they must exercise reasonable care in providing a safe product. Failure to do so, through actions or omissions, can constitute negligence and potentially lead to liability if injuries result.

Product liability negligence claims encompass a spectrum of scenarios, including design flaws inherent in the product, manufacturing errors that compromise safety, and inadequate warnings about potential risks. However, to succeed in such claims, the injured party is responsible for proving that the at-fault party breached their duty of care by failing to take reasonable steps to ensure product safety.

Three Common Product Liability Claims in Maryland

Product negligence boils down to a manufacturer or seller failing to uphold their responsibility to ensure the safety of their products. This negligence can take various forms:

Design Defects

A design defect is when a product’s blueprint carries an unforeseen danger that can cause serious injury. Imagine stepping on a ladder for it to crumble as soon as you put weight on it or trusting a child’s swing built with faulty welds. Design defect lawsuits hold manufacturers accountable for putting faulty plans into motion, demanding they answer for the pain they’ve caused.

Manufacturing Defects

Some defective products have a perfect design but are damaged during manufacturing. It could be a faulty screw, a missing stitch, or a chemical mix-up. If the negligent product manufacturer did not assemble the product correctly and it caused an injury, they face product liability lawsuits.

Marketing Defects

In Maryland and across the United States, most products require warning labels. These labels inform the consumer about the possible risks when using the product. When a consumer isn’t adequately informed, this is called “failure to warn.” Marketing defects can include children’s toys with harmful toxins or face creams that cause painful blistering.

In essence, product negligence occurs when a product causes harm due to the manufacturer or seller’s failure to take reasonable steps to ensure its safety. If you believe you’ve been injured by a potentially negligent product, call our Maryland product liability lawyers at Regan Zambri Long to understand your rights and potential legal recourse.

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