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The Most Dangerous Places on Black Friday — And How to Stay Safe

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There is more to Black Friday than discounts alone. This post-Thanksgiving occasion has become a huge cultural phenomenon, capable of rousing people from their turkey-induced slumber to fight cold weather, long lines, and aggressive shoppers.

Discounts and freebies abound, but dangers do as well. A morbid but enlightening website highlights the annual Black Friday death count, referencing shocking altercations that led to serious injuries and even mortalities. While such incidents remain rare, the following Black Friday dangers should not be discounted:

Roads And Parking Lots

Frenzied crowds receive the bulk of Black Friday attention, but the day’s real hazards may, in fact, involve local roads and negligent drivers. Data from Progressive Insurance suggests a 34 percent spike in car crashes on Black Friday. Parking-related accidents are especially common. While such incidents may not seem particularly severe, whiplash can prompt years of suffering.

Heavy Boxes

Customers clamoring to grab in-demand merchandise from store shelves risk knocking off heavy boxes. These may crush shoppers’ feet or cause them to fall, prompting broken bones, sprained ankles, or even concussions. Boxes may also cause overloaded shopping carts to tip, risking further injuries.

Physical Assault

Black Friday tends to bring out the worst in shoppers. Acts of violence may be rare, but at least a few occur every year. In 2017, for example, a Kmart altercation left one victim with a shattered hip. Retailers can play a key role in preventing such fights by implementing strict security measures. Those who fail to invest in sufficient security may be found liable.

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